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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Internet, Present |

Street View will arrive tomorrow to IOS through the web version of Google Maps

Street View will arrive tomorrow to IOS through the web version of Google Maps

One aspect of 6, which has been talking more these days has been, without doubt, the unfortunate mapping application that Apple has made, in fact, caused widespread noise himself publicly apologize Tim Cook because the service did not cover the expectations of users. Personally, Tim Cook’s gesture seemed brave and is not something we are accustomed in the technology sector, especially when it is recommended that, while improving the application, using the services offered by the competition. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest beneficiaries of the “fiasco of maps” is and Google (which had been removed from iOS 6), drawing all this pull, looks set to make a play to go up even over the bar for service in iOS: tomorrow could announce the availability of Street View from the web version , ie photographs at street will be available from the browser of the iPad or iPhone.

The head of prematurely disclosing this listing is Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal, which has had the opportunity to test the service and manage it from a smartphone touch interface (moving through the images by moving your finger across the screen). Street View is perhaps one of the differential values of Google Maps and not just for his work but because collection is a value added service that allows “immersion” in the area where we’re moving, for example, when we plan a route or a displacement.

Until now access this service was attached to desktop browsers and, really, considering that we are increasingly smartphone-dependent and maps from the mobile over us out of trouble, which includes Google Street View is Differential jumped against its competitors and, no doubt, very positions serving Google maps in the industry of mobile devices with a distinct competitive advantage.

The launch, of course, could not be more appropriate to consolidate the service now is, by default, out of iOS 6 (and it looks like that’s the idea materialize unless the rumors, since denied, that Google was launching a specific application of their maps in iOS).

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