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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Books, Intellectual Property |

Students require an art book of $180 without imagery copyright problems

Students require an art book of $180 without imagery copyright problems

Sometimes, too, matters which involves copyright and beyond logic. This is possibly one of them, a ridiculous event is happening at a university in Canada. Apparently, due to agreements with rightholders, the required textbook this year for an art history course comes without pictures . Art without images in a book that still costs a whopping $180. Students have called for an end to this farce.

Tell the story from Techdirt and comes through Brent Ashley, who narrates the situation of his daughter, a student at OCAD University in Canada. She and her colleagues are in a class called “Global Visual and Material Culture: Prehistory to 1800″, an art history course that requires the purchase of a book that costs $180. So far about normal although the price seems “somewhat” exorbitant.

The problem is that the book in question contains only text, a book about the art, culture and the “visual”, which contains no images because it could not reach agreements with copyright that reference each topic .

He explains Ashley to page:

This year the textbook on visual global culture contains no images. Students have contacted the publishers and they have reported that they did not get time permits copyrighted established before printing. So students have to read a book and see the pictures on the Internet through their computers.

Moreover, there is no discount rate for an art book for $180 does not contain any photos. Devoid of images, devoid of art. If I will have to pay $180 for a book of art history that has no resale value for students next year, I will finish using as decoration in my house to my heirs.

Meanwhile, students have already requested a correction to what they termed as a “farce”. A strange case, since the laws in Canada suggest the use of images in case educational purposes as fair. In any case, an absurd situation to add around the copyright, in this case to the point of publishing a textbook of art without pictures due to the strict rules of right holders.

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