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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Present, Security |

Stuxnet attacks Iran again

Stuxnet attacks Iran again

This has been ensured the country’s news agencies. Apparently the worm was apparently aimed at a power plant and other sites, all in southern Iran. Authorities say he was arrested in time. Meanwhile, the government accused the United States and Israel’s attempt.

In June 20120, more than two years ago, shot to fame Stuxnet worm. At that time many named him as the first major computer virus oriented industry, a worm designed to attack Iran’s nuclear program by experts whose analysis indicated a clear roadmap in the worm, sabotage teams that control production processes to achieve reprogram and get information from them.

It was the first malware specifically targeting critical infrastructure systems. In this case, aimed at sabotaging Iran’s enrichment plant at Natanz uranium. Two years where investigations are still open about its origin.

The new attack has been reported by the ISNA agency, who explained that the virus was aimed at a power plant and other industries in the Hormozgan province in recent months. Attacks as civil defense in the country have been repeated in the same direction, the essential oil sector, which provides 80% of revenue in the country.

Stuxnet spreads via USB drives and was only the beginning of a series of malware targeting Middle Eastern countries. After him came Duqu, Gauss, Mahdi, Flame, Wiper and Shamoon, all with the same pattern.

According to Tehran, the attacks are part of the U.S. and Israel aimed at destabilizing the Iranian nuclear program. Meanwhile, from the West thinks that the country is developing a nuclear weapons program, a charge Tehran denies.

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