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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Mobile |

Summly, summary of your most important items on iPhone

Summly, summary of your most important items on iPhone

The consumption of information through new media such as applications become increasingly popular. The problem lies in the number of articles and stories that you may want to read on a daily dose, but do not have the time. Every time we have more and more information available to us, and tools to process it. This information, in turn, comes faster and faster. Thus, a significant amount of services are based on the “time-saving” assistance to develop these diehard readers. Services like Instapaper or Pocket rely on the comfort of “read later”, helping to save interesting articles to read when you have time. But what happens when we never have time to read everything? For iPhone users, there is a solution: Summly , an application to summarize the most important ideas in the articles that we want to read.

This application has the philosophy of making our quick readings, such as during morning while we are going to work or going to class, much more enjoyable but mostly efficient. Thus, so we can read more in a shorter period of time, made a summary of the most crucial parts of an article without making a scrolling by item. Although we admit it can get complicated in posts in Spanish, if usually also read English media can be very helpful. Considering the amount of time you lose reading every morning from services like Google Reader, we can optimize our time really nothing more than reading this summary, and if we truly want, then saving it to read through another application such as those mention just a few lines ago.

has an interesting user-friendly interface, which at times reminds Flipboard for the beauty of design. Also reminiscent of Windows 8 Metro style, but perhaps we are committing a sin by so great statement. The selection of content can be done through deem relevant sources, such as the means most read every day, but can also receive automated suggestions regarding the news. For example, it has a good healing of the sections contained in international technology and, in the same way that Flipboard. The crucial difference is that we can get this summary to read faster. You can also select keywords to be always informed about a particular topic.

Once passed the initial setup of the application, we will find all unread items we have available. We can select the suggestions or else find a note that interests among the topics we have selected during configuration. The topics are highly customizable and can be edited at any time, but also if we do not want to receive information on a particular topic, just have to select based on a keyword. Moreover, we can also customize the type of content that will appear on the home page. As we can see, it prioritizes the user experience and comfort when reading, rather than trying to automate all tasks.

Perhaps, in an initial stage, we draw the idea of having a “machine” doing our summaries. What happens when you miss a fundamental aspect of the information? While it may happen, as in all processes of this kind, we must also bear in mind that this application is designed to do something worthwhile with our time. As we said, if we are interested can read the full article later. Another of the features we liked these articles is to share with our contacts in social networks. Perhaps what you can miss when increasing the number of users is the amount of available sources is one of the major complaints in the comments of the App Store, but at first glance, Summly is a very useful tool for busy people who want to stay informed.




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