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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Tablets |

Surface Microsoft Windows RT will be sold on October 26

Surface Microsoft Windows RT will be sold on October 26

We know when Windows 8 will be available for sale through upgrades or new PCs and laptops. To complement the combo also confirmed that the tablet Surface (ARM version) will be available for sale the same day he officially released the new version of the OS.

As of October 26 will be available for Windows Microsoft Surface RT, we can assume that will be available for purchase only in the United States first, but remember that have been opening stores in different regions and will surely serve to distribute the equipment and other accessories. The announcement was made at a meeting to the SEC (USA):

The next version of your operating system, Windows 8 will be available on October 26, 2012. At that time, we will start selling Surface, a number of hardware devices designed and manufactured by Microsoft.

Surface version of Windows 8 Pro will be available 90 days from 26 October. Something interesting about the delay in this release is that it could be intentionally by Microsoft to give opportunity to their members, as it has been doing with Nokia on Windows Phone 8 to maintain exclusivity over other manufacturers for some months. Recall that Microsoft admits that compete with its partners, but equally it could be looking for a balance to avoid damaging relations of years.

On price is not explained anything, so it continues to build on the recent leaks with prices as high as $1,000. The opening day will not only Microsoft’s tablet probably show similar products, and portable (mostly Ultrabooks), not to mention new accessories such as keyboard and mouse again .

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