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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Gadgets |

Surface Pro: bigger battery but shorter duration than RT Surface

Surface Pro: bigger battery but shorter duration than RT Surface

Recently we knew the prices will be Surface Pro and what we have seen are close to those of a low-end laptop / media. That is why the price once we can begin to appreciate some of the technical characteristics, to see if they are consistent with what is expected.

One of the most critical points of portable devices is the battery. All are new in the field of displays, connectivity or processing. Where we are as always in the field of battery. Solving time passes make them larger and more capable, until someone finds a revolutionary compound for increasing the performance or until someone finds a way to charge them with use .

In the present case we have to talk about the Surface Pro. We give you the same experience of Windows 8 we would on a PC but with the advantage of the portability of a tablet. For that portability may be compromised as although the would be larger than its little brother, the duration would be reduced by half. If we can have about 9 hours of battery use for RT Surface for Pro model stayed with 4.5.

As we see it is not too much autonomy. The big problem is found in the chip using both. Surface While the RT uses a Nvidia Tegra 3 Surface Pro uses the Intel Core i5 with Intel HD 4000 graphics card. It is the problem of not putting a processor adapted to work mobile. With this battery, does many advantages over the Surface Pro laptops of similar price?

As batteries continue to evolve not having this problem. For now all the optimization software to come but if we are ever more powerful devices and maintain a portable size, maybe someone should start thinking about how to increase the capacity of the batteries.

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