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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Mobile |

SwatchMatic, an Android application for averigar the color of anything

SwatchMatic, an Android application for averigar the color of anything

The palette of colors that can work with a graphic designer is huge, in fact, the vast majority of brands and companies often set within its corporate identity manuals exact colors used for logos or applications thereof; few colors that are defined by the combination of colors such as cyan, magenta, yellow and black ( CMYK color model ) or the red, yellow and blue ( RGB color model ). Designers usually work with this type of color combinations and do not always have a handy reference to help them get the right combination. With the idea of helping designers to locate colors, we can use SwatchMatic , an application with which locate any color we see.

Locate any color?? Like a few weeks ago we talked about Palette , an extension for Chrome that break down the color palette in images with SwatchMatic something can go further and take advantage of your smartphone’s camera to obtain this information in real time and any objects that surround us.

The operation is quite simple; going down the street and see a poster or any object whose color catches our attention, all you have to do is take our Pocket Android smartphone, open the app and point the camera in order for the application to do the rest and identify the color in front of the camera. In fact, in response we get, and the name of the color, the base color scheme we will need to get it (and some similar alternatives).

And what an application can serve well? With the information we obtain color can go to applications like Photoshop or GIMP and color reproduction we’ve captured in one of our designs or provide such information to any printer with which we will work . Moreover, if we capture something with multiple colors, the application will return a letter with all the colors we can save and resume when we need.

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