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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Hardware |

Synaptics prepares its line of ultrathin keyboard

Synaptics prepares its line of ultrathin keyboard

Synaptics, the company that designs an important amount of touchpads on laptops present worldwide and Touch Sensor phones as fashionable as the HTC One X , is released on keyboards with a more than acceptable concept.

The model that has been known by the name of ThinTouch promises to be 50% thinner than the keyboards of competition. This is ideal for manufacturers of ultrabooks, that is precisely who intends to attract.

Among the advantages that we can assume a Keyboard finer ultrabooks we can see a thinner, or have more space for batteries or components we provide new functionality. Also, having less space between the capsule and the backlight key, the manufacturer claims that the light fades less and glows more brightly.

On top of this, each key has a capacitive sensor underneath, allowing disable the trackpad when using the keyboard. Also arise enter another sensor of the same type at or below the space key to autocomplete functions like the style of some Android keyboards (though in physical format).

Synaptics intends that these keyboards are available for 2013, without specifying what the mount brands or more specifications, such as the number of clicks that will support each key. Vitally important if you want the keyboard lasts.

Perhaps the most important thing we have to know is what will touch. Keyboards are a very personal thing, and some keys do not “down” or “up” enough is something more cumbersome. We are creatures of habit, once we get our own keyboard, it is difficult to change, at least not without losing agility. I have a serious trouble writing on keyboards Acer brand, and yet you can say I’m pretty decent on a Dell keyboard, or Mac

If there is anything we can state categorically on keyboards (and mice), and if you are someone who works with computers, is that anything goes. A good keyboard is working herramientata a bad keyboard and can lead you to bad positions, muscle problems and considerable performance requested. All that said, we will have to wait out the first prototypes for reviews of its mechanical behavior.

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