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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Internet, Mac OS X, Mobile, Windows |

SyncBox: How and why to create your own hosting service in the cloud

SyncBox: How and why to create your own hosting service in the cloud

Anyone know a day in technology that cloud services are the order of the day. Little by little we have left to save our data on hard drives or flash drives to wear nothing over, and access them wherever we are, and we use the device we use.

is just one example of what can be done in the area of file hosting in the cloud, and although its potential to reach much further, today we will focus on a very similar service to Dropbox.

In fact SyncBox works exactly like: This is a virtual folder that we associate with a physical folder on your hard drive to sync files in the cloud and be able to download the files, having a copy of that folder to be synchronized with the original, the device of our choice.

What’s new then? that allows us to synchronize the folder hosting the files on your own machine, making server, becoming a fully private service that only we have access to and can have such certainty.

A few months ago the announcement was controversial Dropbox itself, in its terms of service that hosted content (ie, our data) could be tapped in the event that the relevant authorities requested access.

Therefore, the reason for its use is the same: Privacy.

Riding our own hosting service in the cloud is simple with SyncBox. Simply install the Windows server in our system and make sure that your Internet connection is working properly: This will be the computer that we connect to perform file operations, either ask or send.

Once installed, customers can download available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS or Ubuntu and we use the credentials you created when you install the server and could easily consume the service.

A brilliant idea that surely, depending on our needs or data alberguemos, many will choose to use.

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