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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Internet |

SYNCLIB, share your multimedia files easily

SYNCLIB, share your multimedia files easily

Services cloud storage so we provide unbelievable how share files over the Internet, however, most of them have a number of limitations such as the amount of space we have available, long timeouts while completing synchronizing a large file, the daily transfer limit or loss of quality when viewing images and videos because of the understanding. In this section come services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, just to name the most popular.

Find a little beyond what is popular sometimes brings its rewards, and so it was that I discovered SYNCLIB , an interesting service that frees us of all that we are subject to limitations using similar tools.

With SYNCLIB can share files instantly, without waiting to be synchronized between our devices-devices with our friends, upload pictures, music and videos from your computer, then play them on any other device without losing quality. All safely and completely free.

To start using the service need to install the application on the computer where they are stored the files you want to share, the process is very simple and does not take more than 3 minutes. Once installed just have to start selecting our media files and then select the friends with whom we will share. allows us to get to our list of contacts from Facebook and Twitter, which we also invite you to see our files.

For now SYNCLIB has applications available only for Windows and iOS, while Android application is being developed, however, you may enter via the web version of the browser from any Internet-connected device. In fact, I did some tests from Chrome to Android on my tablet and I could access the content without any problems, I could even play a HD video smoothly.

SYNCLIB uses distributed networks and peer-to-peer to transmit all content securely, allowing us to create a “personal media cloud” we can enjoy anywhere. For security and privacy service is very clear in its terms , so we should not worry much more than we normally do. Finally I must add that the service, though it works completely, needs to mature a little more applications, although this does not make a less interesting.

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