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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Internet, Present |

Syria Internet disconnected country

Syria Internet disconnected country

Although the focus of some news and media has diminished in intensity, from March 2011, Syria has been engaged in a civil war that has spread across the country and facing opponents of the regime against the country’s armed forces to respond harshly against civilians. Thanks to the Internet, have been brought to light data and images of the fighting and bombings that occur in different parts of the country, however, it seems that the flow of information has just suffered a sudden cut since the country has been disconnected Internet altogether .

In a civil war that, according to some estimates, has already caused 40,000 casualties this cut communications and suggests the worst fears a government response movement to end the opposition without transcending any information beyond the borders of country since, to date, thanks to the network have seen the light images of what happens in the country (as well as being a way to contact the opposition to the rest of the international community).

Those in charge of publishing this news have been two U.S. monitoring services found that at 12:26 (local time as Syria) 84 public IP addresses of the output nodes to the Internet in the country ceased to be active, a fact that has confirmed the country’s opposition using satellite phones that have served to inform the international community that the country’s communications have been cut.

Such measures, unfortunately, are not new and already lived something similar in January last year during protests occurred in Egypt and as well my partner Alan commented at the time, the number of nodes that connect to the Internet a country is something finite and therefore let them down is not an overly complex task (and a resource that, unfortunately, some leaders turn when they want to silence an entire country).

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