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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Technology |

Telenor joins Telefonica BlueVia and integrated payments

Telenor joins Telefonica BlueVia and integrated payments

BlueVia is one of the most interesting phone presented in the field of mobile applications. This, together with its integrated payment system through which the user can pay applications seamlessly with your bill, are two ways to make it easier for to generate revenue by using APIs. Now the company has just announced that Telenor, the Norwegian telecom giant, has just been added to the project.

The arrangement possibilities increases exponentially and makes it available to a much larger number of users. BlueVia has several APIs, including major highlights: Payment API, which allows load any type as mentioned in the invoice cost (with consequent disregard for the customer from having to provide extra data), SMS API, you can send messages to users or receive payment thereof; MMS, similar but with this protocol, and User Context (Customer Info API), which identifies the user as data connection and type of device you are using.

Initially joining to focus on BlueVia Payment API, allowing developers to run their applications and services on infrastructure BlueVia while sharing revenues. Although primarily intended for the moment, both companies do not rule out a future launch of new APIs targeting other market areas.

While developing other initiatives such as Firefox OS we were talking the other day, pointing to emerging markets with low market penetration and applications where having a database of credit card is essential. Thus, by the union and Movistar BlueVia resolve this problem, this also on a larger scale as Google Play, where the percentage of income paid apps is very low.

The intentions of Telefonica BlueVia qeuda clear then that go far beyond the company’s international market, but it comes together in a much more global. Telenor will step into the car is definitely a big step, see if pays off.

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