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Posted by on Dec 25, 2012 in Technology |

Tested a laser cannon capable of knocking down drones and artillery

Tested a laser cannon capable of knocking down drones and artillery

Long ago some armies and companies linked to the world of weapons and defense work in the use of lasers and missile interception system or even as a weapon with which disable a tank or plane. Although it may seem like something out of the world of science fiction, these systems are quite real and, during the month of November, the German manufacturer Rheinmetall Defence has been testing its own laser cannon capable of serving as defense against artillery attacks .

Rheinmetall Defence is a German manufacturer of weapons and defense systems, during the month of November, was conducting tests in Switzerland with a laser cannon prototype 50 kW of power with which he was able to shoot down drones in flight and the you could, for example, a mortar shell intercept and destroy it in flight.

The canyon HEL (High Energy Laser) is an evolution of an earlier prototype shown in 2011 to which he incorporated many improvements and has greatly increased the power (from 10 kW to 50 kW). This new prototype laser gun comprises two assemblies of two systems, firstly, a 30 kW laser disposed in a flak tower (mobile platform) and, moreover, a 20 kW laser disposed in a fire system for static targets.

During trials, Rheinmetall Defence team combined the two laser beams to drill a metal plate 15 mm thick located just over a mile away and, to test its use as air defense system, was used 30 kW laser to bring down several drones flying in a radius of 2 km around the gun at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour. In addition, to check its possibilities as a system of defense against artillery, the laser cannon was able to intercept a simulated projectile of 82 mm, a test shot emulating a mortar projectile moving at a speed of 50 meters per seconds.

Tested a laser cannon capable of knocking down drones and artillery image 2

The defense against artillery is precisely one of the weight values of this weapon, something that the system is able to achieve by combining the anti-aircraft system that has the laser (which is responsible for positioning the turret) and self-adjusting own laser to hit the target, two systems that allow the interception when combined in flight of a projectile.

While this laser cannon still has long way to go (in the U.S. a couple of years ago that laser weapons were tested 50 kW), the company hopes to build a system capable of reaching 100 kW of power with which to compete with other arms companies.

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