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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Internet |

Textarea Cache, an extension to safeguard the texts we wrote in Firefox

Textarea Cache, an extension to safeguard the texts we wrote in Firefox

Today it is quite normal that we spend a lot of time in front of a browser, for example, to access web applications, access news and leave our comments, write on our blog or access services related to eGovernment (submit a writing to a public body an application, etc). In this type of scenario is not uncommon for us to spend some time writing a text and, just when we give the submit button or save, our session has expired and we have written the text has been lost (and when we give the button to go back there is no way to retrieve it). With the idea of not having to rewrite everything in can use an add-on called Textarea Cache , with which temporarily store write all text in text boxes (textareas) or WYSIWYG editors.

Spend some time writing an application, for example, for a job and when we give the submit button, our connection fails and lose everything we have written is a situation that, perhaps, we have passed on occasion. Sometimes clicking on the button to go to previous page we can recover all the text but in Firefox, we have the opportunity to ensure that we will never lose all the work done through the extension Textarea Cache.

With this extension installed, all you write in a text box or a WYSIWYG editor will be automatically saved in a cache to retrieve, for example, when the browser is closed unexpectedly. Textarea Cache is displayed as an icon in the Firefox status bar when the written text is safeguarded and clicking on that icon, you can access the text stored history (for we can set the time that all these files are stored).

In principle, whenever we open Firefox, the extension is running and therefore you can access the data stored history, so if we give other people use or work with a profile sharing that maybe we should take some another safety or use extensions that provide data encryption (and password protection) and Lazarus: Form Recovery

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