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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

TGIF: applications to survive a camp

TGIF: applications to survive a camp

I have heard many things about the camp. It is a rite of passage! It is an unforgettable experience! It is a unique connection with nature! It is time that you log off the Internet! But the truth: there are other rites of passage involving fewer insects, so unforgettable that can be traumatic, and I disconnect from the Internet when I want. Point. Fortunately, decades have passed since the last time I went camping, and even desire to spend many decades and only have to leave the city because of an impending apocalypse, I’m glad that the portion of society that hates the camps has a last bastion: applications to survive it.

The only nonsense that I can find this list of applications to survive is that, perhaps, our fellow travelers choose a remote location without WiFi, I believe that in the last fifteen years we have advanced enough for camping spots WiFi have-or at least not connected to a mobile network. In that case, we are lost. It is also possible that in all these years away from the circuit outdated campers have left me for the latest fashions-Secure’m puzzled by the outdoors community -. But it’s Friday, so we can dream.

  • Making knots: apparently it’s super important that we make knots when we go camping. And not just knots as we do to tie our shoes. There are campers that we expect the same level as a Norwegian sailor with decades of experience. Luckily we are in the era of apps, and if we’re going to find many guides to quickly learn to tie knots. For iOS, we Knot Time , a complete guide with different knots and video tutorials on how to make them, which also work offline, so you should download it before we travel. For Android, is Knots Guide , with a catalog of 92 different types of knots to learn, divided by its use: to climb, to tie, to fish, to decorate?? It seems that the knots are also decorative purposes.
  • Survival Guide: when planning a vacation, survive not one of the activities that attract me. What I assume, I think I’ll survive a holiday on the beach and in the mountains because I will turn away from the situations in which a little girl with athletic skills and a severe case of myopia inoperable run minimal risk. Unless I go camping, in which case I’ll keyed in situations I can not control. Do we buy a survival guide? Best one app. In the application we can get off iOS / quasi ebook Survival Guide , which teaches us things like building a shelter, plan our survival-please, and until I find it hard to pay the bill-time Internet and other trifles. In Android we have a real jewel: the instructions of the U.S. Army . Like in the movies! They have many interesting sections, but my favorites are the “psychology of survival”, and survival medicine, survival guides stings and bites of various types, and first aid for muscle or bone lesions resolve. This application would have been good when I broke my arm and took me three hours to realize.
  • Lists: at last something that we are good. Different applications allow you to create lists of things to bring to camp. Although my first item would “invent an excuse not to go to camp,” if we have no better escape should cover all our bases. IOS is Camping List -something tells me camp applications have fairly obvious names-and Android, Camping Trip Planner , which comes preloaded with over 200 popular items to bring to camp. What a joy.
  • Meteorological applications: if we go camping, we will not have too many options if we are in a storm. It’s great to know in advance the weather forecast, so you should bring an app installed with forecasts. It can also be a great help to endlessly postpone a camping trip excusing “bad weather” will do this weekend, too bad. For Android, just yesterday we recommend a series of meteorological applications , many of which are also available on iOS, as AccuWeather and The Weather Channel.
  • Applications useless but interesting: some research about things that are a must on a Smartphone when we go camping, I came across some very interesting apps that would fall only to forget the fact that I camp, far from the comfort my house, surrounded by nature enthusiasts who are loving this experience unforgettable. One is Sky Map for Android, from Google Sky Map, a different way to see the stars and constellations. Another thing: there are guides to identify trees for example if we are on a walk. Audubon Trees for Android seems to be interesting, but hey, it only works in the United States. We will have to postpone the camping trip. Finally, a glossary of butterflies to identify them quickly. There are even applications bird watching, no doubt because the birds are fascinating animals for campers.

Rereading this list I realize that I know nothing of camps, but certainly I would drop all these applications in order to survive, build a shelter for birds and butterflies admire the constellations while raining outside and I’m learning to make 92 different types of knots . Or probably just download and play Angry Birds please wait while this camping trip will end as soon as possible.

Note: this post is not meant to offend any camper, just to laugh a bit and discover applications. Do not forget that the title says TGIF.

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