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The 10 most innovative iOS apps of 2012

The 10 most innovative iOS apps of 2012

This year, had an important role. Apple releases had a very interesting year – the Mini, the 5 – which in turn brought with the arrival of iOS 6, the latest version of Apple’s operating system. One of the most interesting aspects of applications developed for iOS, and I think in this sense is vastly superior to Android, is the design. Thanks to the mandatory support for retina display, we find excellent applications, useful and innovative. It will be our task, on the last day of 2012 that we have left, go over what were the most innovative applications for iOS. We’ve talked about some, while others appear for the first time in Bitelia. But all have been characterized by shaking, in one form or another, the world of iOS apps with relative success downloads – say relative because we have not based on this variable to decide -.

Awesome Camera

While the camera application on the iPhone or iPad is quite complete, may leave much to be desired on several occasions. Apple developers are always looking for new ways to improve the functionality to take pictures, but we can not go around waiting forever. So, we have a variant of applications to improve the performance of the camera of Apple devices, a kind of steroid for fans who feel that the camera simply not enough. Among the range of applications is Awesome Camera , which allows us to expand our horizon of possibilities.

While smartphoneography increasingly installed in the minds of technology users, applications have to offer more. Many users have chosen to replace the iPhone’s camera for Camera Awesome, let’s admit that not too innovative with the name, but it has earned a place on our list thanks to the significant improvement of a service previously provided by Apple. It is a completely free app with an intuitive interface to help users who have no experience in photography to compose an image as close to professional as possible. You can play with the exposures, use a burst mode, set the stabilization and much more. Awesome Camera, developed by a company like SmugMug experienced in imaging technology, improving a product previously loved by its users, without fear of breaking the scheme comfort.

Google Maps

Google Maps could not miss in a list like this. Although we are making a list of the most innovative applications, could not fail to miss a mention by the little scandal that occurred with the brawl with Apple and Google maps. It was known that Apple is developing their own maps for iOS 6, due to the high level of penetration that had Google products natively on your operating system. We did not know was that they would be so bad and we were going to want to want to have back Maps. Luckily, Google heard our prayers, and this year was dispatched with a battery of applications and iOS for iPhone and iPad, which also will review later. Premiered browser, Chrome, for the iPad, and also renewed with Gmail justice. YouTube returned to the App Store after a while, and, most important of all, Google Maps, which came to replace the “incompetence” of Apple’s maps.

It was a risky move on the part of Apple and Google. We know that Apple ended up losing, with a low quality service that became one of the biggest disappointments in the history of the company. And we know that Maps is excellent. But why include it in a list of the most innovative? First, because Google took the needs of users of iOS and undertook to resolve them, trying to encapsulate within the core application and promising uses for later updates. Second, because they have made a completely intuitive interface, integrated on the map, to avoid having to interact with it more than anything. And thirdly, by browsing capabilities that the application manifest. It is not new, but it is certainly innovative. And so, Google begins with the first entry in this list.


One of the most ingrained habits New Year resolutions is a practice perhaps imported from Hollywood that much stuff going around about it. Stop smoking, exercise more, eat better, are some of the resolutions, if we sit to think a little honesty, rarely deliver. To help with this task there are many applications, but one of the best has been Lift , combining all that is organizing and managing tasks, or, rather, decisions in this case, with a strong user community that is there to support us when we need it. Much better than our friends who think that we can never do, for example.

Lift works with a lot of simplicity, with certain basic tasks like “eat more fruit” or “exercise more”. Users can check-in at each of these activities, and the application will note the number of times that we do in the week to find out how often. In addition, we have the user community to give us encouragement when we need it. Lift is a great way to just “lift” our spirits and our expectations with our lives. With a simple idea but interesting, have managed to bring the community and made it through into reality the aspirations that are often nothing more than the iPhone screen.


Geolocation erupted in 2011, and it was natural that this year left us with many interesting applications. While Foursquare introduced new features and mobile applications with recommendations based on our location was popular, an app launched in March during the SXSW conference ended upside down to put the whole situation. Called Highlight , allows us to connect with others who are in our proximity, using the phone’s GPS to detect, and Facebook to sync with our friends. It is super basic idea, however, had not been worked with such thoroughness as we see in this case.

Of course, in order to function requires that many users are connected to the application, in order to identify our friends. But it also has a feature for any user who is next, if we grab eager to meet strangers. It can only be used by people who have a Facebook account – were spiteful Twitter users – in order to get location data, they must also be enabled on this network. If we are fans of the world reveal our location, then Highlight is a required app, you have to be yes or yes in our device-and we have our friends harangue to use. Highlight developers have learned how to ride the crest of the wave of the location, but very classy.

Gmail 2.0 for iOS

The 10 most innovative iOS apps of 2012 image 2

In 2011, Google introduced the first version of Gmail for iOS . It was so bad I even had to lower it for a while from the App Store. Luckily, they learned from their mistakes and this year have taken up the baton left Sparrow excellent mail application purchased by them-with a version 2.0 excellent and represents a more than serious competition for Mail, the native application for the iPad post. This new version looks fantastic , fully renovated, has a streamlined interface for use from the iPad, incorporates user avatars, push notifications, support for multiple accounts, infinite scroll, autocompletadas predictions, integration with Google+, obviously, and immediate response to invitations from Google Calendar, among other things.

After a first version of a brand doing shameful and return after the sweep iOS products and Google’s iPad-iPhone-mentioned earlier, the litter of applications like Chrome, Maps and Gmail showed that, despite the success of Android in the mobile phone world, Google have no intention of losing the market for iOS users, which have proven quite surprisingly faithful to the search engine company. We left fully benefited, with more options to manage our mail-in this case, a free-choice and excellent features that have no waste.


The consumption information through mobile devices is crucial. Increasingly applications offer significant work curated information that allows us to process large amounts of news and features in a relatively short time. But with apps like Flipboard Pocket or can save and read whole articles. What happens when we do not have time to do it? Comes into play then an application called Summly , that has crept into our list and in our hearts thanks to their powers of synthesis , which saves us time in news consumption.

Most users prefer to consume news from your mobile when on the move, going to work or meetings, or going home. While traveling can take, and this depends on the part of the world where we are-the transport WiFi or any establishment. Or simply rely on the good old data network. It is obvious that in these situations have much to digest, but little time to do. So Summly summarizes the most important ideas in a paragraph so that we move quickly to another subject. Reading fast and efficient, with an easy to use and quick to understand. The only problem that we can find with Summly is that it has the same number of sources, such as Flipboard, but hopefully you will be remedied in the near future as it is an excellent proposal.

Circa News App

Since we’re talking about reading news, and essentially contained healing, Circa News App saves us even more work and information processing by us. A little too much? Maybe, but can come to us when we need to hand panning of a particular subject, without having to consult a myriad of sources. Circa is completely free and is used with Facebook Connect, to share with our friends. One of the most important things is the human element, as Circa news News App are cured by a team of people, they are not automatically generated. It’s like reading a newspaper in the form of an app.

For more distrustful, Circa News App lets see all the sources used to write it. But we have access to the underlying facts of each of the news on many topics such as politics, technology, entertainment, and more. We also found what might be called the news of the day or the most important. Circa News App features a stunning simplicity, a very clear interface, and although the articles are in English only, are impeccable. They take seriously what is healing and content, although it would be better that they had a more international projection, present a very interesting proposal. We like to see how advances in App News Circa 2013.


We close our mini section curated news Prismatic , a novel application that also has an intelligent approach in terms of information consumption. While conservatorship does Circa based on popular themes, and we can select fonts Summly we most want to synthesize, Prismatic is different. With this application we can do is synchronize our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to introduce a feed with the news that we find interesting considered. The curator, taken to the extreme with a powerful tool such as social networks.

It has a very fast interface that allows instant sharing interesting things to consider. Considering we spent an interesting amount of time informing us through social networks, Prismatic saves us. It is one of the most interesting applications to emerge during 2012.


Halfway through the year we went crazy with an application called Jolicloud , which once had the opportunity to try. And when he left his application for iOS , we knew we would eventually end up in any list of this style. With the idea of making something completely personal Cloud, Jolicloud allows us to integrate a number of services that are indispensable in our daily digital life. In the version for iOS, we have for example with synchronization capabilities with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Picasa and Instagram, adding more services to the move. All our content is classified into five categories: Pictures, Videos, Music, and Documents links, which can also be rearranged into custom collections.

Jolicloud allows us to search our own files within and across multiple platforms, and we can share our collections and follow our friends who have shared, thus adding a social element to this stage of the game you can not miss. At the time, we said that Jolicloud was one of the most promising applications, and I think we were not that far from reality. With thousands of users around the world, what would be missing is a bit of publicity. It offers excellent service with enviable simplicity, which is able to solve our life on many occasions thanks to its multiservice support.


We finish our list with Paper , which is not really so new but really exploded this year with a more artistic. While the other notepad apps are more concentrated in what is productivity, Paper allows us to explore our artistic facets with pencils, brushes and colors. Although we make notes, of course, is more oriented to the public artist.

Now, one of the reasons that we include in this list is Paper which remains one of the most beautiful applications that have been developed for iOS. It has a very nice and pleasant interface with completely intuitive navigation options and making the most of the device’s touch screen. If you just buy an iPad, is one of the applications that we can not miss.

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