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The 10 technology mistakes of 2012

The 10 technology mistakes of 2012

Are only a few hours to finish the year 2012 and, as usual, we take a few minutes to take stock of the past year. From the point of view of the technology sector, the year 2012 has witnessed the launch of Windows 8, the iPad Mini or presentation of the Project Glass of Google, three highlights among many others who have made this year 2012 has been so interesting. However, in addition to the lights, this year has also ended their shadows materialized in poor decisions and fiascos of Errors that we will remember the 10 most significant technological errors.

The Facebook IPO

With over a billion users and with the precedent of the successful IPO of LinkedIn, the Facebook IPO is going to be assumed that record. The truth is that, really, was a record but not in the way expected by analysts or himself as Mark Zuckerberg has been quite a debacle for the company.

While the starting price of the stock was $ 38 and came to climb to $ 48, reached this peak was followed by a tremendous setback that made him play a fund of $ 17, a value around which has been maintained for almost 3 months and up timidly up to almost 26 dollars which is today.

Facebook expected to recapitalize the company’s value to 100,000 million dollars, however, today Facebook is worth less than when they went public and certainly has made many companies to rethink technology or not to bag out and above all , what strategy to follow. The Securities Commission of the United States, for one, is investigating the case to see if there has been any irregulariad in this process is behind this behavior as abnormal.

Apple maps

One of the hallmarks of Apple has always been the fact always take care of even the smallest detail in all their products, a perfectionism that has become a mainstay of the company. However, the arrival of iOS 6 and the “exile” of Google Maps by Apple’s own solution was surprised to users, is the reason? Apple maps were not even remotely a finished product and, therefore, were well below the level expected of the company.

The 10 technology mistakes of 2012 image 2

Details for refining, errors on maps, incomplete information are some of the details that have caused rivers of digital ink and have focused much of the criticism of users and have become one of the hottest technological failures of the year.

Anyway we must recognize that this attempt at crisis has raised a very interesting scenario, first Google Maps has positioned itself as one of the most downloaded apps for iOS users and, on the other hand, Apple has managed this case in a flawless manner (with an apology at the highest level) and that their maps, Australian police said, can be dangerous .

Nexus Q

In June, during the celebration of the Google I / O 2012, Google introduced its tablet, the Nexus 7, and a multimedia device called Nexus Q which sought to bring the field of Apple TV iOS world. The Nexus Q integrate with Google Play to open the door of their content (movies, music, etc.) and offer multimedia entertainment center for $ 299 to connect to our Android devices (and listen to the music we have stored).

The problem? Nexus Q was born almost dead from the beginning and, in fact, has become one of the biggest fiascos of Google this year because it was $ 299, not even close, competitive pricing for users to adopt this product to plug into your living room. While the hardware device placed him as a high-end product, really, this has not been well received in the market and has gone totally unnoticed to the point of disappearing from Google Play.

Remittances of Twitter with its API

A few days ago Twitter announced it had over 200 million active users each month, a figure that would not be possible without the ecosystem of applications and services that have grown up around this microblogging social network. While the ecosystem is one of the pillars on which rests the success of Twitter, this year 2012 we have seen the service give the odd twist in the conditions of use of the API , for example, make Tweetbot has a high price and, practically, is a kind of software in a limited edition (by having a maximum number of users).

IFTTT , LinkedIn or Instagram are among those affected by this “dictatorship of APIs” that is catching on Twitter in recent months for priority applications and development “controlled”, in my opinion, restricts the value contributed to the ecosystem Twitter applications and services using their APIs.

The new digital canon Spain

Just a year ago, on December 30, 2011, the last Council of Ministers in 2011 approved the text of the familiar Law Sinde-Wert where, besides realizing the apparatus of the Copyright Commission introduced a new formula for the Canon Digital.

The 10 technology mistakes of 2012 image 3

The Canon Digital is the way that authors are compensated for the right to private copying, a levy that we suffered all consumers to buy a CD, a hard drive or a printer over the possibility of being used to pirate ( if product is used for personal purposes). In this new scenario, the Canon Digital we knew it was going to be suppressed and borne by the State budget, a formula that was approved last December 7 and that the state will pay 5 million euros for 2012 and another 5 million euros in 2013 to the authors to “compensate their losses.”

Why this measure is within the technological mistakes of 2012? In my opinion the fault is double because, although it may appear that Canon has been deleted and that we have to pay, in the end, since we are paying for it with money pays our tax cuts or the ferocious we are suffering in public education, health, pensions or salaries of public employees. Furthermore, with this measure the state continues to fuel the obsolete model of the music industry that still sees the network and digital media a danger and therefore their business model needs to be protected instead of adapting to the new environment .

The twitstars, trademarks and blunders

It’s no secret that social networks are a great commercial vehicle and, today, there are many brands that campaign on Twitter or Facebook to promote their products or generate community. However, during the year ending today, we have seen campaigns have been abused too honest not looking mentions on Twitter at any cost and end up being quite annoying as well, in my opinion, does not benefit both the brand as might think.

The 10 technology mistakes of 2012 image 4

On Twitter we can see everything and, for example, users see, exclusively dedicated to exercise “ad men” mentioning brands leveraging that user base continues though, on occasion, the promotional tweets are inconsistent with user habits that spear. One of the most significant events of 2012 was the U.S. starring hostess Oprah Winfrey that its more than 15 million followers on Twitter, they recommended the Microsoft Surface tablet and, frankly, the recommendation was not bad except that released from the iPad (which will no longer occur because Twitter does not display and customer information that was used to publish).


In late 2011, Lamar Smith introduced in the House of Representatives of the United States a bill called Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) who shot at the waterline of the network since it opened the door to the Department of Justice United States could block websites, asking it to block PayPal funds and income methods specific web sites or force to remove links to a website reported.

This Pandora’s box that opened the door to censorship, the loss of anonymity in the network and proposed disproportionate imprisonment caused a major mobilization in the network that made, for example, Wikipedia or Google will take part in the protest. Fortunately, in the month of January, Smith withdrew the proposal but that our leaders think that this kind of “gag laws” are necessary, in my opinion, is one of the biggest mistakes of the year technology and demonstrates that awareness of the scope waiting legislate.

The closing of Megaupload

On January 19, 2012 things changed forever: the FBI closed Megaupload and with its closure, 1,000 million users lost site cloud storage in the network reference (and practically copaba 4% global Internet traffic). With a spectacular raid that seemed straight out of a Hollywood action movie, the New Zealand police broke into the mansion of Kim Dotcom to arrest and to halt the rest of the service directive and seize, temporarily, this unique property millionaire .

The 10 technology mistakes of 2012 image 5

Pending a hearing for possible extradition to the U.S., where the lobbies of the contents (the MPAA and RIAA) await you with all your legal artillery, Kim Dotcom has returned to launch their operations and the network hopes to revolutionize this 2013 with the release of Mega .

On January 19, 2013, anniversary of the closing of Megaupload, is a date on the calendar to note because it will be the premiere of the new commitment of Kim Dotcom.

Instagram and changes in the conditions of use

One of the issues that most talked about in recent weeks has been Instagram and changes in the terms of service. Following the purchase by Facebook, Instagram announced that data (and photos) of users would be managed by companies associated with Facebook and therefore began to monetize the service.

What Instagram was to monetize the service was quite logical, after all its potential (and the potential profitability) is what made Facebook’s bought in an operation with figures of vertigo. However, the possible arrival of sat pretty bad advertising to users who, in many cases, they saw their photos used on billboards . In the end, with all the hype mounted, Instagram has taken a step back and returned to leave well enough alone, so raising their monetization strategy.

The 10 technology mistakes of 2012 image 6

Anyway, the whole history of Instagram and anger of users have to be clear about one thing: the free services are not based on “nothing” and therefore, the users are the product, a product that sell to others and makes us consumers of advertising or other data generating process and leverage.

Even knowing this, Instagram took this change pretty bad since, overnight, took a radical turn to the press service without the prior opinion of its users (and indeed Facebook timidly asked opinion and ended up doing the opposite of what he said people) nor calculate how this shift could sit.

Viewing anger generally Instagram stepped back and turned to leave well enough alone, but for many users, the perception of the service has changed a lot and do not look the same (in fact, there are many who have left the service resuming Flickr , which has also launched iOS filters, or some other alternative).

The millionaire compensation Samsung to Apple

$1,045 million is the amount of compensation to be paid by Samsung to Apple for patent infringement in the United States, a battle he lost the Korean and staging the huge legal battle two technology companies that maintain a customer-supplier relationship also to compete with one another in markets and courts around the world.

The 10 technology mistakes of 2012 image 7

The setback on U.S. soil, has certainly been a boost for the Cupertino who has always maintained that Samsung has copied them and in the end, it’s all over in an exchange of accusations and litigation worldwide with patents artillery fire. And while Apple has reached an agreement with HTC to get compensation from each Android handset sold, it seems that this peace will not be signed with Samsung and both companies seem torpedearse stubborn with each other.

In both Japan and in the Netherlands, courts have dismissed allegations of Apple but there are open processes worldwide and, among claims and appeals, both companies are using many resources that, in my opinion, should be used to innovate and launch competitive products to market.

The issue of patent violation complaints and the market exists in the buying and selling of companies, precisely, to amass more “artillery”, rather, more obvious I think is one of the episodes more gray in the technology sector.

Picture: Mashable/CNN (Twitter Oprah Winfrey)

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