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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Curiosities, Internet |

The 18 years that cheated hundreds of sportswriters

The 18 years that cheated hundreds of sportswriters

In sports journalism, rumors of signings are almost a genre in itself. During times when the rest tournaments, reporters seek to be the first to break the news on millions transactions, equipment changes and movements of payroll. Sure, sometimes (as with all kinds of information unconfirmed), the changes are not made, or in the worst case, it was an unfounded speculation that managed to sneak to the front pages.

Despite the constant mistakes, some sources are considered reliable by his contacts in the sports world. For those few is maintaining dynamic: a needle in a haystack of gossip and rumors. However, the revelation of @FootballAgent49 shows how fragile this workflow. In a message, this alleged transfer agent revealed that this is actually a boy of 18 who had fun inventing credible rumors on the European market legs.

In the past two months, @ created dozens of rumors about signings just for fun. He never imagined that his account amasaría over 43 thousand followers and their canards would eventually bring down newspaper journalists as the Daily Mail In his farewell, @ FootballAgent49 is said rumors author of the signing of Kaka by Manchester United to loan from Real Madrid. Although he admits to having cheated the English newspaper, if a more extensive search, we note that other references such as Brand , Fox Sports , ESPN or The Guardian fell alike.

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In addition to newspapers, @FootballAgent49 became a benchmark for other Twitter accounts, who reproduced their unconfirmed statements. So, enough that he gave a note to sound plausible in a couple of tweets for that light the wick. The guy says its rumors became trending topics in the UK, Spain, Ireland, South Africa and other countries.

Yesterday, @FootballAgent49 goodbye to Twitter thanking you spread the unwary. The boy will go over one embarrassed with his confession. What started as a joke of a lazy afternoon ended up as one of the deceptions largest sports journalism in recent years pointed to me a bit like the joke of Antonio Martinez and National Geographic. Do not believe everything you read.

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