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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Tablets |

The 41% of the market for Android tablets is already

The 41% of the market for Android tablets is already

In the world of tablets is the clear leader Apple’s iPad, a device sold in the last quarter as many as little more than 14 million units, according to the words of Tim Cook to present the impressive results of the company. However, its main rival mobile operating system ever comes closer and “steals” share, especially in the latter period of the year where sales of tablets have grown enormously.

According to a report from research firm Strategy Analytics , Android has come to expect nothing less that 41% of the market share in tablets, which is amazing since an increase in sales of these devices to the 7.3 million units in the second quarter, to 10.2 million in the past Q3 2012. This is due to the boom that has taken the economic tablet market in the world, led by the recently launched Nexus 7 of Google and tablets Kindle Fire Amazon.

The 41% of the market for Android tablets is already image 2

Surely we can notice increased since coming to market Nexus 7, so this device has been vital in the ongoing impact it is having the Google platform in the market for touchscreens of 7 or more inches. Of course, we are talking about a huge amount of devices of different brands are spread over 41% of the market that, unlike Apple and its in two models have 56.7%.

But this Q4 2012 things could change again, and Android would lose market share. This should be due to the birth of Mini iPad from Apple, which comes to a market focused smaller tablets, which, although not so small as 7 inch nor as economic, is expected to have huge sales this Christmas. Moreover, from this day are now available with Windows RT tablets on the market (although Spain many of these here soon), so was born a new and very strong rival in the field of tablets.

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