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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

The 5 lies of Social Media Gurus

The 5 lies of Social Media Gurus

The social networking world is the “evil” of being too new and ever changing. So do not miss the opportunity to people who tell us how we should do things. Look at me, but! But I always try to be a guide rather than an obligation. I think to manage social networks, we have to be stuck in the day-to-day, feel the vibration of the community, instead of reading the best practices. So much fun I see some “studies” and tools that tell us how to do our job better.

This figure of the “guru” is classic in the business, marketing, advertising … is up to us whether to believe them or not, the truth is that we often can provide valuable information. But when it comes to managing social networks, one better than the has no idea how it has to be the right job. So let’s list some of the “lies” greatest of these advisers, who forget basic things.

Schedules to post

I put this “error” in the first place because it is one of the most repeated, and I’m tired of seeing multiple studies of companies that claim that if published between that time and this hour we will have a greater number of impressions. This does not mean it is false: simply does not apply to all situations, you can not generalize. If an account to publish works in the afternoon for another account with a different niche of users, publishing work best at night.

The administrator own social networks have to determine what times are best to post. With a pilot of a week and we can have a simple idea of how to do it. You do not need to apply success stories that will serve us, because every community is unique and as such, should have a single administration.

The methodology

I mentioned in the article about the 10 crimes of the Community Manager , but will again because it never hurts to remember the possibility. Enough with the “Please RT”! Just thank the # FF! Tweets not waste though we say it is a good idea and see if it is a practice that is repeated daily.

If you have quality content, will fall under its own weight and disseminated accordingly. If you need to ask for a RT, is because we are doing things right.

The lack of planning

One of the most surprising of all these gurus is that they forget completely planning. They tell us how and when you have to post, but do not tell us why. Thus in many social networks ended up seeing repetitive content, uninteresting, or too random. Planning has to be related to the type of account that we manage, and again involves working closely with the client to determine what are the things you are looking to do in their networks.


Many say that we have to use a single tool to manage our social networks. Nothing is further from the truth! What should we use? So what we have left more comfortable. If we work faster using 5 tools and someone tells us that we have to use a single, does not mean we can ignore.

There is an incredible deal of management tools on the market, so we have to choose. Let’s read the comments that have each, we select the tightly coupled to the type of work we do, but let us not convinced by the need to have all “unified”. It is completely unnecessary and, again, a generalization.

The idea that everything is easy

Many people do believe that managing a social network-or more, as is usually the case, is a task so easy that even a baboon wearing a tie can. Besides taking a toll on the labor community-we have people with experience working with some misplaced not really know what they are doing. And success stories serve to substantiate a false idea, that all we need to do a campaign is an idea. A good idea and go!

But no. Generally yes good campaigns are backed by a great idea-it must be so. But there is a very experienced mandrel behind the screen, a pattern that is usually aggressive advertising, and more. Are there cases of viralizadas campaigns by the users themselves? Of course! But it is not the case. So do not submit a proposal dreaming of Viralization power because only work 1 in 10 times. Introduce better, a proposal involving a budget ads.

What do I do with this? For that we have to be their own “dictators” of our community, accepting suggestions – especially our clients! – But not taking the recommendations to the letter. As I said, each community is different and no one better to know what is the best way to manage it’s own Community Manager. We have to write our own rules!

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