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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Technology |

The Alchemy of Light: magic mapping

The artist known as A Dandypunk performs this innovative piece using the technique of to create a magical choreography on stage reduced. Halfway between sculpture and painting projection lights, the Cirque du Soleil produces a brutal job.

On several occasions we have spoken of the mapping technique and its applications on different formats. Today the technique known as 3D mapping has been extended in the advertising field with all kinds of outdoor exhibits building huge viral parts. Music and images serve as perfect showcase to show the benefits of a product so crowded. It mostly comes in large buildings where exhibitions show the full potential software built and launched earlier in the projector.

On this occasion and in a very small space, the artist makes the digital image motion interacts with the interpreter, who serves as a conduit for the story. A dramatic work that the creator calls “ballet of illusion” and described it as follows:

Using mapping projections on furniture I have tried different travel through fantastic worlds, interacting with characters and strange landscapes hoping to learn the secrets of the techniques of the ancient book “The Alchemy of Light”.

The music that accompanies the piece is of Ants.

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