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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

The best applications to take advantage of Dropbox

The best applications to take advantage of Dropbox

Dropbox is one of those applications that we love all the possibilities it gives. Not only is it one of the best storage services in the cloud, but also allows the installation of third-party applications that can really make the most. Last week we told you about BusyFlow , a productivity tool that allowed synchronize. This time we will mention some applications that seem remarkable.

  • DROPitTOme : although the convenience of having a account is infinite, we sometimes wonder if we have to save all the trouble of having to share a folder with another person. Fortunately there is an App for That: DROPitTOme allows us to create a specific URL in Dropbox so that our contacts and friends can post things directly to our account without sending mail or otr medium. To enhance security, you can set a password.
  • SideCLOUDload : every day we download a dozen internet files, from photographs to work documents. Chances are that we have to share it with others, and to do so we may use Dropbox. This application allows us to save the hassle of having to download it first to a folder to synchronize then: directly download our Dropbox account to sync to all our contacts at the same time.
  • Dropbox Screen Grabber : screenshots may be an accessory for some detail but an important tool for others. What better to do a print screen to show what we are seeing. Instead of sending all these things in the mail, we can upload to Dropbox to sync all your contacts. And to facilitate this work, we have to Dropbox Screen Grabber, you can press a keyboard shortcut for the computer to take a screenshot and automatically stored in Dropbox.
  • URL Droplet : With this application we can save interesting URLs directly into our Dropbox account. I often happen to find something worth reading, but because of time I can not. So I sent the link to my mailbox. To avoid both unnecessary mail, we can use this application. It is very simple to use, simply by entering the URL in a text bar and logue√ɬ°ndonos to Dropbox from URL Droplet.
  • Dropbox Linker : Although file sharing functionality within Dropbox is easy (just have to add the email address of a friend or colleague to start sharing a folder) can add Dropbox Linker as an additional aid. It is a tool that automatically copies the public links just drag a document to the Public folder.
  • WriteBox : Chrome with this extension can edit documents directly from Dropbox, something super useful if we consider all our notes synchronized between our devices. With WriteBox also have a minimalist interface that will help us concentrate. WriteBox not the only application that allows us to do this, but it is one that has a more attractive interface.
  • SendToDropbox : a few weeks ago told us about Randal , a very simple way of sending our GMail attachments to the cloud. This also works for Dropbox. Alternatively, we can use SendToDropbox, we create a specific email account where we can send attachments to be saved automatically in Dropbox.

Luckily these are not the only applications that can use Dropbox. Through the use of third party developments can listen to music through the cloud, and use Dropbox as hosting for our sites, among other things.’s A universe that seems to be almost unlimited, so we invite you to find out.

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