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The best Google Chrome Extensions 2012

The best Google Chrome Extensions 2012

It seems like yesterday when he spoke of the best extensions for Firefox and Chrome in 2011 , but the fact is that last more than a year. 365 days in the supplements for browsers that have continued to grow, especially in Google Chrome, which became the most used browser in the world despite having only a few years, and is now used by millions of people .

Here I present you my view have been the top 10 Google extensions thereof for 2012, including utilities ranging from language learning to publishing content on social networks and the organization of our favorite places.

Language Immersion

My favorite year extension, without a doubt. With this supplement can enhance language learning transforming our websites we use in hybrid texts between language we understand and we try to learn. In most cases intuirémos what words mean thanks to context, and we will gradually learn them almost without realizing it. The ability to choose the level of immersion, becoming more or less text, and the ability to listen to the pronunciation of the words in the native language make this extension a must for all who learn languages.


This plug serves to open Chrome applications directly from the toolbar, from ingress into oblivion in the new tab page. A little shortcut for quicker access to those applications that consume each day through Google Chrome.


Vast area for anyone who commonly use, for leisure or work, social networks. Buffer allows us to stack Twitter posts or Facebook to go throwing them to the services of a progressive and always at the best time. It only serves to tweet when we can not, but to dispense our publications tired and did not finish our fans. His wonderful interface and how easy it is to publish this extension makes one of the best of the year.

Print Selection

An extension must when we know it. With it we can quickly print contents of any website. So far, nothing new, but the secret is that we can choose which areas of the site you want to print. For example, we are concerned only the first three extensions of this item? Print Selection lets you select the three paragraphs and send them to the printer queue. Save time and space, always printing only what we need.

Bookmark Bar Switcher

A boost productivity. Bookmark Bar Switcher allows us to replace the bookmarks or favorites bar Chrome and exchange them for others, all with a single click. Organize our links by topic can be the ideal way to quickly change between work and leisure, or to access faster and more easily the content they want to consume.

Translate Selection

Another extension for languages. Translate selection can be the ideal tool for those who already know a language, but which may escape them certain terms. With it we can select such words and using the context menu to access the translation, which is done through the Google service and shows us a sandwich on the original text.

CleanPrint & Save

With CleanPrint & Save can print web pages we consume in an optimized way, to save paper and ink. If we wish, and this should always be our first choice, we can choose to save the contents and send them directly to services such as DropBox. It is a complement with which we are also contributing to environmental friendliness, and one of the clearest examples of green computing to be found in Google Chrome.


2013 is a great year for HTML5, with billions of devices being officially compatible with specifications that will review and approval, and give way to the future of the web. While the sites are adjusted to force HTML5ify browsers like Chrome to render HTML5 version of a page when available. It is the ideal complement to sites like YouTube, featuring a player in the technology most likely that the nearly defunct Flash.


I recently gave some advice on how to create, manage and quickly access multiple search engines in our favorite browser, all through the wonderful Omnibar that Google provides and combining search and introduction of websites. Well, the same can access all the contents of our accounts in Google Drive the same way. The way to do this is simple: OmniDrive.

Clear History

To end an extension much easier, but no less important. Clear History does nothing to Chrome and do not natively, but it can be the perfect buddy for all those maniacs of privacy: This is the perfect way to clear your browser history by pressing a single button.

What are your favorite Chrome extensions and applications of this year we leave in a few days?

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