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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Apple, Software |

The best mobile apps of the week (IV)

The best mobile apps of the week (IV)


Middle Earth (Android): for more usurious geeks and fans of the series The Lord of the Rings and more now so near the premiere of the film “The Hobbit”. With Middle Earth can enjoy with great detail map of Middle Earth. It also includes a timeline on which we find most interesting events that have taken place in different geographical locations. Price €1.16.

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Tangled (Android): an entertaining puzzle game for android. Its operation is very simple, but not so much how to carry it out. Have a series of cords laid at certain points. Our task is to move the different attachment points so that the strings do not cross each other. Price €1.57

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Lemon (Windows Phone): the best way to keep track of all our expenses detailed. Lemon has a simple and intuitive interface on which are displayed in different lists all our bills. We filter by days, weeks or months to keep a more detailed control. It also has cloud integration in order to have them at all times without the need to have them on paper. Free

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Sonic CD (Windows Phone): Once again we return to the classics in gaming. Although I had to iOS and version, have finally decided to launch the version. There is little to add to this legendary game that has occupied many hours. Speeding crosses different maps to defeat Robotnik and restoring peace to the forest. Price 4,99€

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Trevi (iOS): an excellent tool for organizing all the pictures of our travels in an original and simple. Just open the application, Trevi process all our images, determining by geolocation different locations from which the photographs were taken. This quick as we all our images organized basis where they were made. It also includes very curious details as “map” showing all the images, indicating city and miles traveled. Another option is the timeline, filtering on dates different pictures. Free.

Photo: Kirky29

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