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Posted by on Sep 15, 2012 in Software |

The best mobile apps of the week (LXVIII)

The best mobile apps of the week (LXVIII)

Ecoute (iOS): Ecoute is a great player that many Mac users already know and that takes a very careful design, fluidity and good management of the library as identity. For several days, Ecoute has made the jump to iOS and comes with the same features plus some extra like scrobbling to and compatibility with iTunes Match and AirPlay. It is worth especially now that iOS 6 is aa round the corner and the native application of music has undergone a redesign that does not convince many. It costs $2.99.

The best mobile apps of the week (LXVIII) image 2

Mixel (iOS): Mixel is the curious result from a kind of social network Instagram or pictures with fans followed and which is joined to create the concept of short stories or vignettes forming collages. It is the first application of its kind in the App Store, it really is to be able to share innovative images that creamosy comfortably once we add the images the application randomly chooses a position from which we can go back and forth and while applying different filters . Free.

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N64 Emulator (Android): One of the great advantages of Android, the freedom and flexibility of its application store. Thanks to this we can see small wonders like this Nintendo 64 emulator that allows us to relive some of the most legendary games of the Nintendo 64. Note that we will need to play ROMs of the games, although there are several sites across and along the internet that we can provide. Like any emulator, you may not work properly with some ROMs and in many cases if your not too powerful Android can not run or do not do it quite right. In my case Galaxy Nexus as a test unit and Super Smash Bros and Zelda games Ocarina of Time as I have not had any problems. Free.

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World of Warcraft Armory (Android): For a long time, the mobile app World of Warcraft has been available as a separate surcharge. But now, largely motivated by the upcoming release of Mists of Pandaria, has come to be a free for all users with interesting features. Among several others, including a talent calculator updated with the latest patch changes, ability to chat with members of the guild, see which friends are online and see all your characters live. Very recommended. Free.

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LeftForSquare (Windows Phone): Left 4 Dead fan? Fan of Foursquare? Good news, Left For Square is a curious application that combines both elements in a fun game of removing our city of zombies. We played through the location and we have to eliminate zombies in different places in return for which we will be getting several improvements and achievements. Very nice. Free.

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Mehdoh (Windows Phone): Mehdoh is a good Twitter client for Windows Phone with many improvements over the original and support for a good number of third-party services like Instagram or SoundHound. A good customer with a good design and advanced features for the most demanding to the officer left them short. Highly recommended. It costs €0.99.

Photo: Aulia.m