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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Apple |

The best mobile apps of the week (VI)

The best mobile apps of the week (VI)

iKnowU (Andoroid): An interesting tool with which to improve our writing. IKnowU is a keyboard including very interesting characteristics. Swype style, will predict based on our use the words that we use. Also includes a prediction system that shows the possible words that can go after we have just written, greatly reducing the time of writing. Free.

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Zenonia 5 (Android): Little needs to comment on this saga. One of the best known names in RPG for mobile devices. In this new release we will get into the skin of a courageous hero (Berserker, Mechanic, Mage or Paladin) that will have to venture into different realms and territories to get eliminate all enemies and bring back peace to the kingdom. In this new chapter has greatly improved graphic quality. Free.

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Stay (iOS): one of the best applications you can find for the organization and planning trips. With Stay have within our hand guides countless cities in the world, which includes all the sights to see, as well as restaurants and entertainment amenities. vision includes a map to know the distances at which we are from different places. Free.

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Buddytude (Windows Phone): a style geolocation application “Find my friends” present in iOS. With Buddytude we know precisely the location of all our friends. It uses our gmail contacts and Bing maps to determine its position. A very interesting feature is the option to have it in one of the main square, so that in this way you update our position. Price 0,99€.

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Bacteria Breakout (Windows Phone): controls bacterial overgrowth in a petri dish. It uses all the tools that you will acquire. Just have to gather all pathogens like to remove easily. A simple and addictive game with which to enjoy over 16 levels. Free for a limited time.

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