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The best productivity apps for Android

The best productivity apps for Android

The phones and tablets have become the last couple of years in mandatory companion everyday many people in the world. From its origins more productive as using a BlackBerry or Nokia to receive and send emails, to currently playing Star Wars Angry Birds on an iPad or review every ten minutes our Twitter Timeline of a Galaxy S III, for example. But these latest gadgets can be the best partner for our profession in the everyday, helping us to be more productive or to get some work done “on-the-go”, depending on our business. That is why today I am dedicated to list some of the best productivity for Android.


Unable to start a selection of productivity apps not to mention Evernote, perhaps the best note taking application that exists, thanks to its leading role far beyond this. In can perform functions as simple as writing down phrases that please us, save links for later review, share a note, image or article and comment from several people and many other features, all synchronized between different devices or even our thanks to web version, so that at any time we will have everything we store there. It is available for free on Google Play phones and tablets .


If I were asked to mention the applications that I use in my day to day, this would be the second, topped only Twitter client I use to read my Timeline. Pocket has become an elementary application in my day to day. For those who do not know, used to store items, web paǵinas or almost anything on the internet and you can read it or review it later, when you have free. Something as simple as that, for example, check our timeline between one class and another, we see an interesting article in Gizmodo, select the “Send to Pocket” and ready in the night to get home or some free time, we read the article in text only format from the application in the mobile, tablet or computer. In fact, one of my Pocket is great allies for my job as Editor or Blogger, since I keep some in the news releases related to then find out more about it. Pocket is available free on Google Play Store for smartphones and tablets. In the case of large panels, has a simply wonderful interface. It also features synchronization between different devices and platforms.

File Manager and File Manager HD

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A spectacular application dedicated to something that seems as simple as managing our files within an device, but few have been able to handle as well as the developers of this app. Simple, intuitive, makes moving files of any type from one place to another, including something as useful as copying a file from a Micro SD card to the device. It is available in Google Play for tablets or mobile .


While I mentioned that Pocket is one of the applications that I use for my work, this would be another. Springpad is an alternative to Evernote, since they have almost the same purpose. Provide a tool to take notes, store content, links, images and even recipes for a quick, simple and have it sync to wherever you are. While Evernote can be more complete and have more options, Springpad has a much simpler interface, intuitive and pleasant to my taste (with the permission of the new Evernote 5 ). She helps me be more productive because there even kept records of the articles I have written in Gizmodo so we can have it available for quick reference, or I’m writing down ideas and possible titles for articles of opinion or analysis I will develop soon. Springpad is free and has the same interface as both tablets and smartphones in its web. Available on Google Play .


TeamViewer is an application that can be very useful for more travelers, or those who tend to be most of the day outside the home or office, ie, away from your computer. This application is used to remotely control the computer, so this works with Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, and even allows you to perform functions that are typical of a computer and right click, hold and drag files, delete files, restart or shutdown the computer from wherever you are. It’s really an awesome tool that allows us not only this, but in the case of the computer, view from the phone or tablet screen from a friend or client who needs help with an error or fault, of course, as this allows us remote connection. TeamViewer is available for free , and also has a version that lets you control the phone from your computer in Google Play .

Google Drive

One of the best applications that have been created in Mountain View Drive is undoubtedly the renewal of Google Docs now allows you to store up to 5 GB free in the cloud or more if paid. With this application, as well as what it means to have files stored in the cloud (which can also be done with DropBox ), we have one of the best office applications out there, which has a wonderful synchronization between multiple users in editing line and in real time. Let me explain with an example: several are editing a text document in Drive, as you edit it on your computer, we see it on our mobile or tablet, where you can also edit in real time, wherever we are. That feature alone makes Google Drive in one of the best productivity applications exist for Android devices. You can download it for free on Google Play .


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But if you’re a fan of Google’s platform and strange office always faithful and useful to Microsoft Office, which will come to Android in May 2013 , you can try CloudOn, an application that lets you use the Microsoft Office Suite in a fairly peculiar, something like install a kind of virtual machine in Android tablet, which gives us access to applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint with which we are so familiar. CloudOn is available only for tablets on Google Play .


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A wonderful application that allows for the easiest way and a pretty nice interface and intuitive, to-do list for our day to day, so we will never forget the things we have to do, shopping to do in the market, or any activities. Actually achieved this application with the Chrome browser version which syncs with. It is available free on Google Play .

Surely this is just a small selection of applications that mostly use in my day-to-day productivity. Although only one of them is exclusive to Android and others are multi-platform, which many will benefit as they can synchronize files between an Android phone and an iPad or a computer, for example.

Several others, like Google Calendar , also deserve mention. The comments are open for your recommendations for productivity applications. I hope to read your selections, which could lead to a second part of this article.

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