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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Features, Gadgets |

The best smartphones of 2012

The best smartphones of 2012

The year 2012 was undoubtedly a year of spectacular shots in the world of technology, and if we focus only on the field of smartphones, we will realize that this has been vital in regards to the best Technological releases of the year, which is why every year as we bring you a list of the best that were born this year.

Month after month we saw being made by different manufacturers some spectacular devices where all seem to have something in common: large screens. And is that even Apple joined the trend of increasing the size of its unique and so popular smartphone, incorporating a more generous panel, but without reaching the size of some releases more exaggerated as Samsung Note. Anyway, in the list below to find variety of popular mobile platforms of the moment, and what we consider the best smartphones Engadget for all tastes and needs. Note that the list is not in any specific order.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung introduced at the end of the first quarter of this year to its brand new Galaxy S III , successor to the successful Galaxy S II which maintained its leadership in the Android world for many months, and that likewise the new model is still one of the main options to choose from any user to consider getting an android smartphone.

The best smartphones of 2012 image 2

In the midst of a fierce battle between Samsung and Apple, this phone designed Koreans seeking to avoid infringing patents design of Cupertino, and this completely renovated Galaxy family, which from the S3 keeps the same line, which is quite attractive. With a 4.8-inch screen and a spectacular quad-core Exynos processor, remains the most powerful on the market, and so has its place in this list.

iPhone 5

The best smartphones of 2012 image 3

Impossible not to include the latest release of Apple in the mobile market in the list of the best smartphones of 2012, is that the iPhone 5 fulfills the promise of improving the characteristics of its successor the iPhone 4S, incorporating a new 4-inch screen , a better processor, better performance, a new and really beautiful design that changes the crystal of aluminum as the material that covers, in a very thin body and great overall performance. In addition, incredibly, the camera of the is higher than the already amazing camera if the iPhone 4S. And although prefer Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or iPhone, is a reality that the camera moving past Apple is perhaps the best among current smartphones.

The new iPhone is one of the most stable phones and of course with better support from the manufacturer on the market.

HTC One X +

The best smartphones of 2012 image 4

HTC introduced the One X and only about six months later launched its direct update, the HTC One X + and no doubt has improved a terminal in itself good, with a slick design and performance art. The One X + is located at the top of the range Android thanks to be really fluid, even when you do not have as much RAM available on the market today (the exaggerated 2GB of RAM), and also the latest version of the HTC Sense layer with pure Android amending the moves better than most, even Samsung’s TouchWiz, but in my personal opinion, I still prefer the pure interface platform. Again HTC incorporates Beats Audio technology by Dre to give it a very good quality audio playback in addition to the black with red accents that certainly looks great.

Nokia Lumia 920

The best smartphones of 2012 image 5

The new terminal Nokia star, called Lumia 920, is part of the recently launched new generation of smartphones with Windows Phone 8 operating system, as well as being in direct succession Lumia 900, so it keeps the same design but with better performance, much more powerful processor and be the best that Nokia provides current market, a company with too much tradition in the mobile world. WP8 gives it countless innovations that unfortunately can not enjoy his predecessor (although some references to it come with Windows Phone 7.8). Although Windows Phone is not my favorite, I recognize that sits in the Top 3 of terminals running on this platform, so it definitely deserves its place in this list of the best smartphones. In our brother blog, Gizmodo, have done a thorough analysis that leaves no doubt to anyone who wants to know more about it.

Motorola RAZR i

The best smartphones of 2012 image 6

Since Google took Motorola has been speculating that this company would become the direct manufacturer of mobile Nexus. This ultimately did not happen (so far, at least), but if Motorola changed its way of seeing things and now produces few terminals, but large-scale innovation in each of them. The Motorola RAZR i is one of them, as the letter “i” in its name refers to being one of the first phones with Intel Atom inside, and this is one of the most attractive releases year. Although Intel only highlights his heart, but that is covered with Kevlar, the same material that makes bulletproof vests, for what promises extreme resistance. While not the first mobile Intel core, but if the first of a manufacturer with such tradition and weight as Motorola.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

The best smartphones of 2012 image 7

Samsung took a chance and submitted last year a phone with a screen of no less than 5.3 inches, beginning a trend called Phablets (hybrid between a phone and a tablet), and although so people predicted that the Galaxy Note would not succeed its huge and exaggerated display, it ultimately was not the case, as evidenced by its strong sales. For Koreans celebrated the success of its large terminal launching an update, the Galaxy Note II improves on its predecessor, has an even bigger screen (5.5 “) and comes with the design of the new Galaxy family, which premiered on S3. A wonderful end for those who want to have on hand the benefits of a smartphone and a tablet simultaneously, and furthermore, our daily activities can be complemented with a large mobile with stylus, as the Suite designed by Samsung for this device class is really good.

HTC Windows Phone 8X

The best smartphones of 2012 image 8

I mentioned earlier that the Lumia 920 Windows Phone is not my favorite. This, no doubt, would be the HTC Windows Phone 8X, a terminal that has me completely enamored by the great combination of beautiful design, art technical features, and the latest Windows Phone 8, all this in a terminal very successful product development of this Taiwanese company that, while so far had shown what he could do wonderful through Android phones, so has the scope of WP8 phones. In our in-depth analysis we mentioned my partner the pros and cons of it, and I have to note that beyond the system functions and performance benchmarks, the experience of daily use and tactile feel are impeccable.

Nexus 4

The best smartphones of 2012 image 9

The Google Nexus 4 , manufactured by LG, has a secure place among the best smartphones of 2012, thanks to being the most impeccable Mobile have launched from the form and mix in a perfect manner spectacular technical performance for the best possible price. And they have a quad core processor, a high-definition display and the latest technology in a mobile released and just 299 dollars or euros, they do object of desire for any fan of the Android operating system, and even for fans other platforms. Sure, the is born with various problems and difficulties such as the lack of criticism and the terrible LTE launch by its leaders which has only been available for a few minutes, and the rest of the time on Google Play us the message “Out of Stock”.

Still, its beautiful design and features as care make it one of the best Android phones on the market, and in general, one of the best among all platforms.

Sony Xperia S

The best smartphones of 2012 image 10

It’s been about 11 months since Sony introduced the Xperia S , and yet, when the company has launched several new mobile and more powerful Android handsets and newer that are not on this list, this smartphone is very important and noted for being the model that brought change to Sony, as it is the first terminal using that mark and not the old “Sony Ericsson”, and even after 11 months and with all that has happened since then, it is still considered high end smartphone. I have no doubt that Sony has several surprises we prepared for the CES 2013 to be held in a few weeks.

Honorable mention: BlackBerry 10

This year has not brought any releases by RIM that it can be considered one of the best smartphones of 2012, however, this is entirely understandable. Research in Motion is preparing for 2013, has invested all his time and its development in the next generation of smartphones from home, the BlackBerry 10 phones, so the honors belong to this platform, because the whole 2012 has been of great importance to this company, and the rising value of their shares after the announcement that BB10 know next January 30, means that the public have high expectations for these smartphones. And it already leaked photos of one BB10 full touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard , you have a fantastic pint.

The 2013 will bring new and spectacular addition smartphones and other gadgets for our daily use, but certainly, the year 2012 is ending, has been among the best in the world of mobile telephony.

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