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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Curiosities |

The best video of cats on the Internet

The best video of cats on the Internet

Who has not used the Internet to watch videos of cats? Who, in their hours of boredom and existential emptiness, has not sought any funny picture of a to brighten your day? Who is free from triviality, cast the first stone. Since the first minimum stormed the web, Humanity was puzzled to find out what is the best cat video across the network. Well, this is it. Or at least, I think the Internet Cat Video Film Festival.

It happens that the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis called the first video festival dedicated to cats to find the best. Judges Internet Cat Video Film Festival determined that this work deserves such recognition . Henri 2, Paw de Deux was made by Will Braden, and was selected from among 10,000 participants videos. I’d go with the review of Belinda Lorenzana at Jossip:

Shows a perspective view and less representation flees like a cat that throws ropes and jumps off the camera. And it is very funny too, but the existentialist viewpoint character is much closer to the temperament of the most I know. You know, these airs, that expression of misunderstood creatures are adorable and also assuming its charm as a cross to carry. Everything is well done. Moreover, the video teases whipped this aesthetic we see in some exponents of European cinema. It works in every way.

By the way, if you want to know the other participants, this link may look at the other 79 finalists of the competition. The Internet is for cats!

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