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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Mobile |

The best way to wake up to your Android device

The best way to wake up to your Android device

Failing to test the new version 4.2 of , launched a few days ago and not yet available in all terminals Nexus-alone have ensured the upgrade, as they depend directly from Google and not turn-maker, I must say Alarm application that meets very justitamente.? Justitamente? What can you ask an application besides wake you up? Well, for starters, the ability to wake up without scares, with incremental volume alarm starts from zero and ends at the top, right?.

That and many other things, makes Alarm Clock Xtreme , a free application that integrates with the alarm system itself and therefore is totally reliable, not having to worry about if you stop working. If you have an application to kill other applications I recommend include in the white list, though.

What else offers the application? As the ability to program the snooze or time since we pause there until the alarm goes again, but certainly one of the most interesting is the ability to use mathematical operations like shutdown prevention method, for more slackers. This curious option will force us to solve simple face to prolong our dream a few minutes, for the sole purpose of desperezarnos.

The icing puts the possibility of waking up with a particular song or collection of random local phone or disable notifications functions by simply shaking the terminal.

By the way, as I said, this is a free application, but if we wish, we can pay the 1.99 it costs the Pro version and thus get rid of advertising, which is not at all intrusive and only appear in the menus -Configuration Of course. Can you imagine awaken with commercials? -.

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