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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

The best ways to share photos on the web

The best ways to share photos on the web

Today, sharing photos is something that is almost “natural” Internet. All users find different ways everyday to share photos via the network, and developers invent more and more ways to do it. If not, we can fix without the spectacular success of Instagram, mobile photo sharing application filtered with special effects that give it a vintage vibe. But mobile applications are not the only way we can share pictures over the Internet.

In this post we will do a review of the best ways to share images that can be found through various forms. Some are more popular than others, but the purpose is always the same.

Cloud Storage

The multiple storage services in the cloud also allow us to store photographs, which can be very useful. With the different updates were generated enhancements to the functionality of these photo sharing services, which makes them an ideal choice when, for example, share photo albums travel or events.

  • Dropbox : Dropbox functionality in regards to storing images have greatly improved. On one hand, we can set our mobile devices to synchronize all the pictures we have taken with our Smartphone, for example, to automatically display in a Dropbox folder. But we can also create public links to share photos with all that can be viewed or downloaded, or shared folders to store files in good quality.
  • Skydrive : similar to Dropbox, but with a higher limit of free storage with Skydrive online can save our pictures and create photo albums that can be downloaded and viewed with only have one link. In this sense, while Dropbox is best when shared between two users, Skydrive may be more useful to create online photo albums that can be viewed by anyone with the correct settings, privacy, of course.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express : with this brand new service that Adobe launched a few months ago, we have access to our photographs and an editing suite, which does not have many features but is quite useful. We have a free 2GB storage, but we can choose to have more space through a payment. On the other hand, we have the ability to share edited photos through Facebook and Twitter, and also via email. What we have is the option to create albums that can be viewed from anywhere.

Specific services

On the other hand, we also find specific services that are dedicated to the photographer or lover. At the time, the king was supreme Flickr, although its lack of updates, is expected that the current CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer, improve service in this area, and their squalid mobile applications have left well behind compared to other services. We have selected some with different characteristics.

  • Flickr : we can not share this site. Over the years has become a community where photographers can showcase their work, but also to connect with others. The pictures got on Flickr are public, you can enable or disable your download, they may include a Creative Commons license for use in blogs and publications, and you can get feedback on our work. Labels can also be used to identify a style or theme, for example. It is a comprehensive service that allows you to upload high quality pictures, and also create “sets” or collections to share with others.
  • Picasa : this service could be considered as the “answer” to Google to Flickr. Service is its own photo storage and what’s good is the synchronization between different services like Blogger to have all our pictures synchronized in one place. It also gives us the option to create photo albums and share them with others, and share individual photos.
  • 500px : this-relatively-new site is more niche, is dedicated to photographers, they get the ability to create a profile in order to publicize their work. The difference here is that some of the photographs of 500px members can buy or sell, because as we said is intended for a particular type of user. We highlight its design, intuitive interface, and the quality of the images you can upload.
  • Photobucket : This service is an old internet and has a very simple operation. Select the photo you want to upload, and the service generates a link that can share or embed. To store the photos, we can create a user name or synchronize with Twitter or Photobucket. Since its inception the operation of the site is optimized for Internet upload a photograph is not a completely cumbersome process.


In the field of photography you are talking about the smartphoneography, photography of smartphones. While the image quality is not the same, many users use these applications to share everything they do. It is no coincidence that Facebook bought by billion. Users know where they are.

  • Instagram : we can not fail to mention this application. With Instagram can take a picture and apply a filter to give it another look. Then we can share this with our friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, but the interesting thing is that it works as a pseudo Instagram social network, where we can add and keep contact and view their updates. The ability to export our photographs is crucial, and Instagram recently enabled web profiles to see pictures from everywhere.
  • Path : the charm of this application lies in its simplicity, and does not harm to have a great design. Available for iPhone users, is a great way to share photos with other users or through social networks.

Other services

Applications and services are not the only ways we have of sharing photos online. The reality is, with each passing day new things are being invented, and it’s hard to stay completely up to date if we are avowed fans of photo sharing. We have made a selection which we like, but can also share your selections in the comments.

  • Tumblr : the micro blogging service, to define it in some way, is great for sharing photos. In fact, the images are the preferred way of sharing with users, in addition to the classic GIF. Have an account costs nothing, and besides upload your own photographs can also select images of others and also disseminate.
  • Pinterest : this service is motivated almost exclusively by images, not for nothing is a social network of choice for designers, illustrators and others with the visual professions. When sharing pictures is ideal.
  • Facebook : the largest social network in the world has a great tool to display photo-depends on the opinion of each, of course-and upload in good quality.
  • Google+ : one of the great strengths of the brand new Google social network are the images. It’s a good way to share our work and photos are also uploaded in a very good quality.
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