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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Internet |

The Black Friday comes to CrashPlan: Backups discount

The Black Friday comes to CrashPlan: Backups discount

In my opinion any day is good to consider backing up the files from our computer or our mobile devices because, really, have a of the information they consider important and of interest we can draw from the odd predicament in case of a breakdown or, for example, if one of our gadgets astray. Among the best practices when backing up is usually advised us to store them in a place distant from the geographical point of view, the source of the data and, in this sense, the cloud can be a good place . Today, as many already know, Black Friday is a day when companies like Amazon or Apple apply significant during the day and during the weekend, a sale that also come to the cloud with a tasty offer CrashPlan .

CrashPlan is a storage service in the cloud that can be used to store your to, well, make them available from any location and, most importantly, keep them safe. This service has also decided to apply the sales of with a very interesting offer that will run from today until Monday and in which we find discounts ranging between 42% and almost 100% of its services:

  • CrashPlan+ Unlimited , service backup for a team and with unlimited storage space, during this weekend, shall contract price of $2.40 (and for that price we will have one year of unlimited storage for our backups getting a savings interesting since it costs $3 per month).
  • CrashPlan+ Family Unlimited , ie backup service for several teams (2 to 10) with unlimited storage space for a year shall contract this weekend at the price of $ 5.76 (when normally costs $ 6 per month) .

The Black Friday comes to CrashPlan: Backups discount image 2

In my opinion, it’s worth checking out these deals to keep a backup of your files to a more reasonable cost and thus help remembering the backup too late, ie when we need and we realize that not we have done.

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