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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Technology |

The Cheetah robot sets new speed record beating Usain Bolt

The Cheetah robot sets new speed record beating Usain Bolt

Many remember the robot that appears in images. Cheetah is the first of the series tried to design approach feline over a year ago. His abilities were clear, a robot that became the fastest few exist today. If last year’s feat could reach 30 km/h, since this week has set a new record reaching 45.5 km/h and surpassing himself Usaint Bolt 0.80 km/h.

The idea that the military have is to build ultra-fast technology, a machine able to escape at full speed in any situation. A robot can also be used to pursue objectives.

The Video that has launched Boston Dynamics, the company behind its construction, shows the machine in action, an improved version of the first prototype running on a treadmill without any help from outside rotation.

15.5 These kim/h Extra achieved were made possible by the increasing pace since the Cheetah power supply. BD got managers alter algorithms to control the movements of the “legs” of the robot.

The designers themselves are saying that at the end of the year could be as high as 70 km/h. Moment to experiment with the robot out of the tape on the outside and with all types of terrain. Frightening to think the time when this machine is ready to join the military.

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