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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Science |

The DARPA LS3 acts as various commands and can follow their guide

The DARPA LS3 acts as various commands and can follow their guide

The LS3 DARPA , also known com is receiving numerous improvements. If for some months saw as was able to follow a human, has now added more autonomy to these actions along with other improvements we will see below.

The DARPA LS3 is a quadruped robot whose main function will be to accompany the armed forces to act in the field of material transport. It is common that soldiers have to carry up to 45 kilos of equipment and often by land which may be provided to falls or injuries. The aim of the is the mule act, releasing the soldier crew weight.

To do this the LS3 should be as independent as possible because otherwise we would be adding a soldier problem, which can not be taking care of him. Therefore the Alpha Dog can carry up to 180 kg for 30 km or 24 hours through a variety of terrain and achieving enough speed.

The improvements are now possible to obey voice commands. As seen in the video can then continue until 10 different commands which can be intermixed. Some of these are “follow me”, “to”, “sit” or “stay”. Besides that a person can follow the same path rather than human or his own way as it is able to detect up to 1.5m vegetation pass through it. It also detects rocks and other obstacles.

At LS3 have endowed capacity to operate in night operations because it can navigate between various GPS points independently and with no lighting. Another way that you have to work apart from that of human or follow a GPS point is to indicate a direction and distance. Finally also improved one of the key aspects, the noise it makes. Now the noise level is 70 decibels which is the same as a car or a vacuum. As a bonus also serves as a charging gadgets.

All LS3 program is focused on adding value with different caractari­sticas and what they are doing because of the tests and the feedback they receive from the soldiers. The goal is that when completed will be able to give a soldier LS3 DARPA and does not need any training or instruction book.

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