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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Apple |

The disadvantages of Lightning, the new Apple connector

The disadvantages of Lightning, the new Apple connector

A couple of days we saw being officially presented the new iPhone 5 , arguably the most anticipated phone of the year and that comes with some new features like its more elongated screen, new processor and the much speculated new connector, which replaces the 30 pin included in the family of iPods, iPhones and iPads since 2003.

This connector is called “Lightning” because of its high speed data transfer (and the Thunderbolt that already have Macs), and not only has this advantage but also other as it is reversible, so wonderful this problem disappears when connecting a cable to its port.

However, this new port is a big change for manufacturers of accessories for iDevices as primarily for us users. And is that the disadvantages of at this time are not few.

Compatibility, the main problem

has warned that even if you purchase the adapter to 30-pin Lightning, accessories audio and video that has the user does not necessarily work, terrible news considering the amount of accessories like speakers, for example, that are on the market years, specifically designed to work with Apple’s old port.

The disadvantages of Lightning, the new Apple connector image 2

Is this why is that? It’s because the new connector has no analog video and audio, and many, or rather many of the accessories on the market today work with this type of signal, because it is counted with the 30-pin connector.

Apple recommends that before buying the adapter may inquire with the manufacturer to see if we have the accessory uses analog signal or not, but considering that at least 4 out of 5 do, it is likely that we operate.

The solution? Wait for Apple to launch the market an adapter that converts the digital signal to analog signal Lightning 30-pin, something that should make almost a mandatory, otherwise, the other solution would be to simply buy another accessory horns or any type of supplement that we used to enjoy the benefits of music and video from our “iDispositivos”.

The disadvantages of Lightning, the new Apple connector image 3

Prices adapters

Apple has confirmed that it will not include an adapter 30-pin Lightning with the purchase of the new iPhone, so if we want to continue enjoying the connection with accessories, such as the player of a vehicle, you have to buy the adapter separately, and prices are nothing compared to other adapters economic market.

  • The Lightning converter to 30 pin easier retails for $29.
  • The version with long cable (20 cm) above the converter costs $39.
  • The Lightning converted to USB is priced at $19.
  • Lightning to MicroUSB adapter for 19 euros (dollar price unknown).

In the latter case adapter, the new MicroUSB connector, born because in the European Union all phones should have this standard charging via MicroUSB, so although Apple would continue to use a unique port, had to create this complement to comply with European laws. It is unknown whether purchased separately or will be included with the devices, but taking into account EU legislation should be the last option.

The disadvantages of Lightning, the new Apple connector image 4

Lightning seems a very good choice for data transmission via large offer speeds, however, this seems to be his only advantage to this day, because if Apple does not release adapters that transform the type of audio output and video, the audience will not receive with joy the news that all those accessories you have purchased through the years (including speakers with high prices as “BOSE”, for example), will be history and we should buy others.

And is that not only the new connector is built into the iPhone 5, but also in the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano that presented by the new smartphone , so the next logical step is to include it in the next generation iPad, to standardize a new port with its family of iDevices.

In my opinion, it seems a bit capricious rule as a global standard is the MicroUSB, especially taking into account Europe where demand is present on mobile devices. But Apple always want to have their own technology before opting for the rest. This is seen, is original and considering the superiority of Thunderbolt and Lightning in transfer rates is a big advantage, however, when you think that could mean spending if Apple does not offer solutions, this time, is a problem for our pockets.

So far, Apple has only confirmed that “any time soon” launch Lightning to HDMI adapter and a VGA Lightning, as mentioned above do not support video output, so while launching these new adapters will only be possible to share video through wireless technologies such as AirPlay.

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