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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Science |

The Dragon rocket lifts off successfully to the International Space Station

The Dragon rocket lifts off successfully to the International Space Station

The first trade mission to supply the International Space Station has been launched successfully. The company SpaceX has launched the first of 12 flights planned, the rocket ship with the Falcon 9. The mission, dock with the to deliver and remove material that returns to Earth.

A launch was held at Station Cape Canaveral in the early hours of Monday. The Dragon spacecraft, equipped with scientific equipment, clothing and food, left in the evening on the rocket. Minutes later the launch, President of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell, described the milestone as:

A perfect picture. It is the first time I took off from the area T-Zero and that’s excellent. We managed to insert into orbit and now Dragon is on the way to the station.

And is that the capsule is scheduled to reach the International Space Station on Wednesday. In late October, the ship will return to Earth with material obtained from the station.

The first of the 12 missions SpaceX supply after the contract with to 1.6 billion dollars, in other words, return scheduled flights from the U.S. to the space station since the end of the program ferries.

After the words of Charlie Bolden talked Shotwell from NASA:

This is what I call a historic event in the annals of spaceflight. Just over a year after the retirement of the space shuttle, we have returned to the station with a cargo resupply mission from the United States. An achievement that will bring new jobs around the country.

SpaceX had successfully launched a demonstration flight to the station in May. The company aims to eventually send astronauts to orbit though for that United States should give the nod to the Russian Soyuz.

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