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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Internet |

The European Union had requested changes to Google’s privacy policy

The European Union had requested changes to Google's privacy policy

It’s been seven months since Google put an implement its new policy , a policy that we announced in late January and unified under a single document the 70 legal documents governing the privacy of their services. This change, which took effect on March 1, was a symbol of the unification of services (or unified experience) that is permeating for over a year in which user data flows from one service to other as if they were one, a fact that made alarm bells in Europe from the start and, it seems, would have led the European Union to ask Google some changes in the terms of service.

From the outset, the reunification of the Privacy Policy and the flow of data between Google services (however noble the motives were to improve the user experience) blew some alarms within agencies and bodies protection of personal data in the member countries of the European Union. France was one of the first to comment but has also joined this current UK to the point of having sent a letter to Google (signed by each country agencies) requesting some changes and making recommendations on this policy change.

On the one hand, EU tells Google to unify before the processing of data (which are managed separately) should obtain explicit consent from users before assuming that a change in the terms of service is sufficient and On the other hand, suggests that Internet companies should not draft complex agreements, intelligible only by lawyers or excessively long. In addition, Google will ask you more detail their intentions to merge user data and manage them in a unified way.

And why send a letter to Google? The intention of the European Union is that Google made changes to its privacy policy along these lines, making it somewhat easier to understand the users so that they can be clear, from the outset , that are accepting and what treatment suffered by our data.

The truth is that it is rare to find a privacy policy or terms of service that are written to be “understood by a human being” since they suffer, in excess of legal verbiage that not everyone comes to understand completely and in fact, not all users read the conditions accepted when registering a service (bad practice encouraged by the way they draw companies such clauses). not know if Google will respond favorably to this request but in general The letter sent European Union applies to Google and many other companies.

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