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Posted by on Oct 21, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

The evils of freelance work

The evils of freelance work

A few days ago we had Eduardo the reasons for freelancing . I must admit that is a wonderful adventure, and the reasons it gives are valid. But to get the other side of the scale, today we will examine the “negative” aspects of freelance work. Working freelance for many years and I think it would stop. So I must admit that many times I think it would be able to work on my own without having to go every day to the office, without being accountable to anyone other than my clients, and other things in the world own freelancer. But after the experience, I’m also comfortable with the boundaries that they have a job “formal”.

Eduardo said it best: working as a freelancer requires discipline and effort, something that not everyone has. If you are disorganized and need the structure of employment in an agency or company in order to be productive, maybe throw the freelance world is not a good idea. I think self-employment entails more responsibility to work within the framework of formal employment, so if you want to start working freelance for not having to deal with bosses, for example, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

Being a freelancer has many benefits, but what are the evils of the freelance life?

  • Schedules: the disappearance of the need to be at a certain time in a certain place, our schedules can be transformed into anything. Working throughout the morning, wake up at noon. Although we are freelancers and nobody is to tell us what we need to do at what time in particular, does not mean that our clients are sleeping at 2 in the morning and can not answer our mails.
  • The payoff: I agree with Eduardo in the fact that you can earn the same or more money working from the comfort of home. But it depends on what customers have, charge will be an ordeal or not. Pursue so that we pay, having to wait longer than usual to collect our pay, and sometimes never charge for our work are some of the risks we take to be freelancers. Before embarking on this adventure, we must ask whether we need to have a salary accurately deposited every month in the bank. If so, freelance work may not be for us for now.
  • Depletion: can that not having a structure and not be accompanied by anyone, take more work than we can bear. Before long finish exhausted, and to be doing several things at the same time, we are not finishing anything. It is important not to run out, and this, in a formal job, it can happen. But at least in the afternoon can turn off the computer and go somewhere else to clear our heads.
  • The lack of structure: this is also related to the theme of the times I talked about before. But not only affects the schedule: working on our own we will not have a team to work with us, a human resources department to resolve our doubts of pay, an account executive to work save us intercede with upset customers, and more. Only we ourselves, and this can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on our personality.
  • The type of work: many companies and agencies seeking interesting freelance employees. But not always the case. We may have interesting projects that excite us work as well as you may end up working for a project that does not motivate us ugly in the least. Obviously, this can happen while working in an office and working freelance, but if the point is to choose our work, is as convenient as it seems?
  • Benefits: This is one of the things I missed most. Not to mention my ineffectiveness when administrative tasks related to taxes, health benefits, and other things that will now have to take care ourselves. And if we are full of work, we will not have the time to do. Of course, this varies from country to country, and I guess that is satisfactory to some extent the choice, but in a company have to make others responsible for our contributions and pay our monthly social work.

The conclusion? This presentation is not to say that it can be profitable work from our home. But it does mean that there are more factors to consider. And for this I quote Eduardo in the fact that being a freelancer requires effort and discipline, working hours to create us in a lack of structure, maintain our bills a day, choose what kind of work we do, and more. Not simple, but can be done.

In the same way, I recommend that, if we intend to start working freelance, we get in to the matter-this was one of my mistakes and I had to come back with their tails between their legs to formal work of an office-but we make a gradual advance, getting a bit clients. It can be something stressful at first, but will help us determine what we like and what does not, what are the advantages and disadvantages personal we can find, and more. The freelance work is not bad, but it has its evils. That’s what you need to consider.

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