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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Software |

The Facebook and Twitter apps come to Windows Phone 8

The Facebook and Twitter apps come to Windows Phone 8

Today was a day full of great shots in the mobile world, where the apparent protagonist thanks to Google would launch a new smartphone and more products, but today also carried out the launch of Windows Phone 8 for part of Microsoft, and with this, also get some spectacular developments and applications, including Facebook applications and for WP8.

The Redmond are currently presumed to have no less than 120,000 apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace , an amazing figure considering that the platform was renovated just a year ago, and since today live another big change to reach version 8.0 and all the news that this means, so certainly has the support of the developer community.

For native applications of two of the most popular social networks in the world could not miss, and that’s why and Twitter come to WP8 exploit its features, such as the fact that users can access the notifications, calendar and even photos from Facebook directly from the lock screen, even to use those pictures as wallpaper.

In the case of the Twitter app, the main improvements are related to the interface, and the revamped notification system Windows Phone 8, which even allows you to review these notifications from the lock screen. In addition, Microsoft renewed application for WP8 Skype in style.

Windows Phone 8 is now available on the market, and comes from the hand of some very attractive terminals, such as the HTC Windows Phone 8X , the Samsung ATIV S and of course, the fabulous new Nokia Lumia .

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