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Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Technology |

The farewell of netbooks

The farewell of netbooks

The for , which has shown serious signs of decline in recent months, will officially end when Asus and Acer, the only two companies that have continued to make these devices during the second half of 2012, last in the first weeks of current inventories next year, reports The Guardian .

Mainly these devices, have been targeting throughout the year to markets in Asia and South America, but with the revolution of smartphones and tablets low cost, demand has dropped exponentially.

With this change in market preferences, Acer is the company that will have to make greater sacrifices, as in September kept insisting that netbooks would be part of the future for users. Option that companies like Lenovo or Dell have been removed from their agendas for several months.

Despite this change, Intel, I think its Atom processor with the intention to run for a lower cost, power consumption and longer battery life, continue working on new versions of the product to enter new markets.

The final farewell of netbooks has been caused by several factors, among which are a poor start in the market, the arrival of the ultrabooks, the economy and the increase of the tablets.

In mid-2009, when netbooks were just two years old and the iPad was not even a rumor, sales of these devices were reduced sequentially. A key element of this poor start was the stranglehold that Microsoft was in demand for this type of product that only had Windows XP operating system, allowing users to using Linux without a device in which to run.

The classic netbook was cheaper than a laptop, as they had a 7-inch screen, a flash drive prequeña and an Intel Atom, but increased specifications caused prices to rise.

The main advantage of netbooks apart from the price, was the promise of portable and easy to carry with high battery life. But in recent years we have witnessed the arrival of devices much easier to carry with improved battery and offering consumers a completely unique performance for a netbook.

But certainly, it really has ended the time of netbooks has been the advent of like the iPad. In mid-2010, companies began to bet on creating their own Android tablets to compete in an emerging market cornered by the dominance of iPad, ending attention on netbooks, whose life has been short, but interesting.

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