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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Curiosities |

The filmmaker will live open source Life For one year

Sam Muirhead, a German filmmaker, has an incredible project at hand: he wants to live a full year open source style . What is this? Simple. He wants to prove that everything you eat can be built and replicated by anyone. Its scope includes from finding stores that sell ‘open’ (if any) to make himself his own objects (clothing, technology, books, whatever). Sounds crazy, but worth checking out his proposal:

This charismatic character wants to take the philosophy to the limit. There are no exceptions: the way of transportation, eating, dressing, everything will be changed to conform to this doctrine. Obviously, like most of these crazy ideas, Sam used the Internet to apply for funding (well, crowdfunding clearly going to his ideals), where got just over $6,700. So this month, will begin the adventure of living under these rules for 365 days.

Do you have wondered if they could survive that way? I do not know if it would last even a few days. Come on, that at first seems simple: you can prepare something to eat with their hands or use a bicycle for transportation. But then come the questions: to be completely open source, the food must be cultivated by oneself? If I move a bicycle, an object must also be “open source”? We are so used to the dynamics of consumption than the simple approach of the situation may give severe headaches (and if Muirhead gets sick, prepare your own medicine?)

Frankly, this project caught my attention because I can not imagine how you can solve all the scenarios that arise. If you want to track through your website will be hanging video (what format? how do you do?) to know the results of your experiment. Who knows, maybe we can also learn you a few things to make our lives a little more open source.

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