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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Science |

The first baby born from egg mouse stem cells generated

The first baby born from egg mouse stem cells generated

Occurred within Kyoto University in Japan. A group of researchers led by Mitinori Saitou (the man who created stem cell sperm) took first birth in the world of mouse embryos from eggs generated from stem cells .

Saitou and his team got after converting into oocyte through fertilization “in vitro”. An achievement which used two types of stem cells, embryonic and induced pluripotent. The first are obtained from early stage embryos and embryonic tissue can become. The second are those obtained from adult somatic cells induced to a pluripotent state.

As researchers have, their study was conducted with a few genes of cells, making primordial germ cells. Cultured mouse cells with other female gonadal getting what they call an “ovarian reconstituted” they pierced a mouse ovary. Then the cells were converted into eggs.

Finally scientists led to the isolation of mature oocytes for fertilization “in vitro” with sperm from fertile mice. An achievement that according Amander Clark of the University of California:

You will have a great impact in the field of cell biology and reproductive genetics. It is a remarkable step that can produce oocytes with the ability to support full development from embryonic stem cells.

A job that could offer new hope for those infertile couples who want a child by using stem cells, although this remains a long way in understanding how human eggs develop.

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