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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Science |

The first gene therapy will be launched in Europe in 2013

The first gene therapy will be launched in Europe in 2013

Surely the concept of gene therapy to many it may seem related to science fiction or drawing that just released the latest Bond film in the series, we remember the villains of the film Die Another Day . involves the insertion of functional genes that are not present in the genome of a person with the idea of fighting against diseases and, to date, was an experimental procedure that was being tested in several clinical trials in several research worldwide. Apparently, in gene therapy is closer to being a reality since the Dutch company UniQure be the first to market a treatment mid next year .

Glybera , which is the name of this therapy is the first treatment of its kind that has been approved by the European Union and, it seems, will be marketed in Europe and North America. So what is it Glybera? This treatment aims to combat the syndrome lipoprotein lipase deficiency and its consequences, such as hyperlipoproteinemia .

Following approval of Glybera gene therapy, this is the beginning of a period of rapid expansion in the development of this type of treatment

And how does this type of treatment? As mentioned at the beginning, in this type of treatment modifications are made in the patient’s DNA to fight, specifically, the disease or disorder and suffering, it may seem like something out of science fiction, studies have been performed to treat cancer or even some eye diseases.

However, without regulation and without the approval of the authorities in the field of health, these therapies are not out of the laboratories from which were first developed in the late 90s (in China gave the green light to the first cancer treatment in 2003). For now, these therapies are aimed at diseases and disorders in which it has identified as causing a single gene, and perhaps over the years, is it possible to treat more complex diseases (and to control the possible side effects and effects on the immune system of patients).

After this boost, the company has announced that it has opened lines of work to develop therapies for Parkinson’s, porphyria and even some types of hemophilia.

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