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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Software |

The first update of Lion Mountain is now available

The first update of Lion Mountain is now available

For those with Mountain Lion loaded on your computer, a small news: has already released the first update of the operating system (OS X 10.8.1), focused mainly on the resolution of some minor bugs. However, this version is expected to help correct problems with the battery performance , which in some cases has been reported a decline of up to 38% autonomy. Personally, I have not experienced many problems with the battery of my MacBook Pro, but I have noticed that the duration has decreased somewhat.

Among the solutions we provide this update are improved audio playback via a Thunderbolt Display; improve compatibility with Microsoft Exchange servers in Mail-a problem that, for example, those who experience this way connected with your account Outlook-, or solves conflicts with messaging in iMessage. The update weighs only about 7 MB and can be done through the Mac App Store.

Although this can be considered as a minor update, the following seems to include more cool features. Along with the release of 10.8.1, Apple prepares 10.8.2 beta to developers. If you computer, you can register for the test program for this next release. It is unclear what novel features include, but assumptions are the order, as the arrival of I0s 6 is ever closer. Between what is expected for OS X 10.8.2 is integration with Facebook, scheduled for autumn this year.

If you have not downloaded Lion Mountain, this is the right time. Many people often wait for the first update to remove the initial bugs, so with this version seems the system is polished and not have to suffer (in theory) by the decline in battery performance.

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