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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Features, Internet, Software |

The free software projects on Github more popular in 2012

The free software projects on Github more popular in 2012

GitHub, the collaborative platform for software development and revision, made a post on its official blog that shows the balance of the activity recorded in the service throughout the year, you may encounter quite interesting numbers and graphs, as well as count of the most popular. Stresses that there are 2.8 million users in GitHub which means a growth in the platform up to 133%, not only increased the user base, also generated a lot of activity since made up 4.6 million repositories representing an increase of 171% over the previous year.

The top of is divided into two categories: Projects more stars received by community members and those with more contributions in its development.

Top 10 projects with more stars on Github

  1. FortAwesome
  2. Textmate
  3. Meteor
  4. Saasbook
  5. Select2
  6. Httpie
  7. Ratchet
  8. Bower
  9. Mailcheck
  10. Prince-of-Persia-Apple-II

Top 10 projects with more contributions on Github

  1. Homebrew
  2. Rails
  3. CyanogenMod
  4. CocoaPods
  5. Symfony
  6. ZendFramework
  7. Nova
  8. Salt
  9. TrinityCore
  10. Hubot-scripts

It also unveiled the countries and cities where most activity is generated in the platform Github, USA participatory nationwide with 28% of traffic generated, followed by Germany, UK, China, Japan, France, India, Canada, Russia and Brazil. The top city is led by London, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Berlin, Bangalore, Sydney and Toronto. Another curious fact is the comparison of the level of work on normal days vs weekends through the use of emojis.

The free software projects on Github more popular in 2012 image 2

The green bars represent the normal days and weekends blue.

Overall it seems like a great year for the community of Github, the Open Source and free software in general, more and more people get involved and generate excellent projects, service frameworks and hosts hundreds of useful code to change the course of technology and applications on the mobile web or through sharing knowledge of users.

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