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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mobile |

The functionalities of Google Now, on any Android thanks to Gtalk

The functionalities of Google Now, on any Android thanks to Gtalk

Now Google is the name given to the search since it was released Android Jelly Bean , major version 4.1 and current version of the product, which still retains the codename although these days it is throwing the above version 4.2. All current versions from 4.1 onwards and to come share that many branded competition being Siri-and partly not wrong-but that’s actually a really useful tool for face to access information in a fast and simple.

Quick, easy, and centralized. No one would expect coming from a company whose reputation is caused by having the best Internet search market. Unfortunately, all these virtues of the new Google Search on terminals are limited to versions for which it is necessary to have a fairly modern device. If we do, we will be able to slide a finger and ask Google about the weather in our city, the scores of our favorite team, or convert between units. All answers will come through the speakers on the device or through attractive cards.

What I have discovered recently at XDA is that you do not need a modern device to receive the information, and although not the same, we can access the same data through Gtalk. The presentation is of course different, and we will receive the information just as text, but the features are the same. The steps for this are:

  • Add as a contact the following address:

[Email protected]

  • Opening and closing session, in case “Guru” appears not connected
  • Perform one of the following queries:

    Sets Translate to
    Convert into
    Convert into

As you can see, it’s simple, but as in the standard version of Google Now, it depends on where we are and how we configured the phone for one or the other results. For take a brief look at the list that you can find on these lines that the scores of the keyword Score only seem to work with American teams.

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