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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

The Gabonese government to suspend the domain Kim Dotcom

The Gabonese government to suspend the domain Kim Dotcom

Before he had thrown the Gabonese government has already put the first stone in the way of Dotcom and his return to the platform as new storage service in the cloud.

This is because as most know, Kim Dotcom, founder of and accused by the U.S. of piracy and criminal enterprise, announced last week that the new service would be in Mega air shortly , a new service for cloud storage January designed to protect against possible retaliation from the U.S. government and copyright laws.

How? Dotcom used as part of the amendment that defense domain. Instead ga Gabon. Com. A change that now seems to not be satisfied if we heed the words of Blaise Louembe, Communications Minister of Gabon.

According to the account through New Zealand, Louembe has ordered the suspension explaining that:

We can not provide a platform or screen acts intended to violate the copyright, or used by unscrupulous people.

According to Ira Rothken, the lawyer who oversees the defense of Megaupload worldwide, the successor of the famous platform finally not available in Still, Rothken added that the new service is still under way:

The new site is not even functional yet. Megaupload and Kim are innocent and should be presumed innocent. Sounds like a lack of net neutrality statements … just going to use a different domain.

So, do not think that Mega will stand by this new setback. If finally Gabon the threat continues, it will Dotcom other domain for that announced launch next January 19 as announced by Twitter.

The tycoon and founder of Megaupload announced earlier today that it has an alternative domain while again accusing the U.S. government of “witch hunt” trying to put pressure on other governments to halt the release of Mega.

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