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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in News |

The global advertising campaign for Windows 8

The global advertising campaign for Windows 8

Just 3 days awaited global launch of , the Redmond-based company has decided to bring out the commercials that will be seen in 42 countries around the world from October 26.

With this campaign, the Microsoft marketing team wanted to move away from the traditionally informational spots and create a campaign based on the show and product experience through music as a universal language between different cultures.

Windows 8: Best Coast

The video that does not use too popular bands songs about consumer experiences the trip offered by Windows 8.

Windows 8: Parkour

This video is a clear reference to parkour, a movement popular in Asia that expresses freedom like Windows 8.

Windows 8: You and me together

The video is dedicated to the Latin American market, it makes a clear reference to the time spent enjoying friends and family together.

Windows 8: Party

The last video shows the fun that causes people to be invited to experience a life-changing moment.

This new campaign will include print and television ads, and shall go in events like the Voice program in Mexico or the MTV European Music Awards.

As a global showcase include these videos in 39 digital boards in Times Square, making this the largest acquisition to date is performed on this fundamental point of New York.

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