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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in News |

The Google Play store would have reached the 700 000 applications

The Google Play store would have reached the 700 000 applications

Although not always have much to do with the quality and number of applications on any app store is a factor to take into account since it gives an idea of its popularity and the interest shown on that platform developers among other things . Well, the Play Store has reached the 700,000 applications.

While yesterday Google announced the new devices we Nexus, also presented the new Android 4.2. And now, to top it from BusinessWeek inform us of the large number of applications available for its mobile operating system. Emphasized that the information has not been confirmed by Google, but the company said last month it had 675.000 applications on your Play Store.

This fact is very important because of last week’s Apple event, they reported that they had reached the 700,000 applications also. The two companies are perpetually competing and the little line that surpassed Apple in terms of number of apps is now even. This means that many people are betting on Android, an ecosystem that is more easily accessible due to its low price.

Yesterday, Google introduced its new Android dispostivos with some very good features in hardware concerns for much lower prices than the competition to provide access to their products. For example, the Nexus 4 has a starting price of $ 299 in the version of 8 GB.

The number of applications is growing exponentially but hopefully that aim to be of good quality to provide a good user experience for the user, which not only result in a race to be the most need.

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