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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Internet |

The Googler Who Looked At The Worst Of The Internet

The Google employee who visited the worst Internet

Internet is an essential tool in our time. It is also full of horrible things. A subcontracted Google spent a year reviewing the contents of the web more hellish. After this time, the company took no regular employee.

On the web there are many nefarious and illegal content. Companies are required to remove this content within 24 hours and make a report to the authorities. But the work is so heinous that no one at wants to.

So use the services of subcontractors. As the case of an employee who had to see nasty scenes for a whole year. At the rate of 15,000 per day.

What at first was a job like any other eventually became a nightmare. As the months passed his mind was unbalanced. Beheadings, pornography, suicide and all sorts of disgusting material passed through his hands undermining his psyche.

The employee became a routine that was recommended to attend psychotherapy sessions. When I had normal photos, everything seemed obscene. A simple image of a father and son seemed the beginning of a pedophile. So Google gave some initial therapy sessions and suggested that further on your own.

Subcontractors may be Google’s only one year. Then they must be incorporated into the template or leave work. This was the case. At 9 months she was told that would not continue in his post.

Other ex-Google relate the same story. In is even worse. More stressful, fast and proactive. Must see lurid scenes before anyone including all videos from Al Qaeda.

Nor YouTube employees were hired. Apparently, clean up trash is something they can not do regular employees of Google. Destroys morale.

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